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Communication, Consumers, and Citizens: Revisiting the Politics of Consumption

Communication, Consumers, and Citizens: Revisiting the Politics of Consumption

November 2012, v644
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December 2012 | 293 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Dhavan V. Shah, Lewis A. Friedland, Chris Wells, Young Mie Kim, and Hernando Rojas
Communication, Consumers, and Citizens: Revisiting the Politics of Consumption
W. Lance Bennett
The Personalization of Politics: Political Identity, Social Media, and Changing Patterns of Participation
Louis Hyman
The Politics of Consumer Debt: U.S. State Policy and the Rise of Investment in Consumer Credit, 1920–2008
Erika L. Paulson and Thomas C. O’Guinn
Working-Class Cast: Images of the Working Class in Advertising, 1950–2010
Kjerstin Thorson
What Does It Mean to Be a Good Citizen? Citizenship Vocabularies as Resources for Action
Michele Micheletti and Dietlind Stolle
Sustainable Citizenship and the New Politics of Consumption
Paolo R. Graziano and Francesca Forno
Political Consumerism and New Forms of Political Participation: The Gruppi di Acquisto Solidale in Italy
Nam-Jin Lee, Christine L. Garlough, Lewis A. Friedland, and Dhavan V. Shah
Gender and Generation in the Social Positioning of Taste
Young Mie Kim
The Shifting Sands of Citizenship: Toward a Model of the Citizenry in Life Politics
Margaret M. Willis and Juliet B. Schor
Does Changing a Light Bulb Lead to Changing the World? Political Action and the Conscious Consumer
Lucy Atkinson
Buying In to Social Change: How Private Consumption Choices Engender Concern for the Collective
Melissa R. Gotlieb and Chris Wells
From Concerned Shopper to Dutiful Citizen: Implications of Individual and Collective Orientations toward Political Consumerism
D. Jasun Carr, Melissa R. Gotlieb, Nam-Jin Lee, and Dhavan V. Shah
Examining Overconsumption, Competitive Consumption, and Conscious Consumption from 1994 to 2004: Disentangling Cohort and Period Effects
Douglas B. Holt
Constructing Sustainable Consumption: From Ethical Values to the Cultural Transformation of Unsustainable Markets
Ming Wang, Itay Gabay, and Dhavan V. Shah
The Civic Consequences of “Going Negative”: Attack Ads and Adolescents’ Knowledge, Consumption, and Participation
Thomas Hove
Between Complacency and Paternalism: Ethical Controversies over Influencing Political and Consumer Choice
Lewis A. Friedland, Hernando Rojas, and Leticia Bode
Consuming Ourselves to Dearth: Escalating Inequality and Public Opinion

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