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Community Policing

Community Policing
The CPOP in New York

Police & Society

October 1992 | 272 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
"The Community Patrol Officer Programmes of the NY City Policy provides the subtitle of McElroy et al.'s book. Some, including myself regard long-term beat assignment as the most significant of the activities that take place in the name of CP. This book reports NY's experience with the approach, which began in 1984 and expanded to all 75 precincts. Aimed at policy makers and police as well as academics, there is an able summary of the literature, highlighting requirements for organizational change. This study offers a good impression of the type of officers involved and their views, the role requirements and level of performance achieved, the requirements that rest on supervisors (highlighting occupational deviance), relations with non-CP officers, and community representatives' views on CPOP." --Nigel Fielding in British Journal

The Officer's Perception of the Role
Implementing the CPO Role
Evaluating the Performance of CPOs
Supervision in the CPO Program
CPOP in the Context of the Patrol Structure
The Perceptions of Community Leaders
Recommendations and Reflections

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ISBN: 9780803947900