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Comparative Political Science

Comparative Political Science

Four Volume Set
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August 2008 | 1 664 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The SAGE Library of Political Science collects together the articles that have been most influential in shaping the discipline.

Each multi-volume set presents a collection of field-defining published works, both classical and contemporary, sourced from the foremost publications in the discipline by an internationally renowned editor or editorial team. They also include a full introduction, presenting a rationale for the selection and mapping out the past, present and likely future of each area.

The series covers both the key approaches to studying the discipline and the primary sub-fields that form the focus of political scientists' work.

The SAGE Library of Political Science will be an essential addition for university libraries throughout the world with an interest in Political Science.

Comparative politics addresses the central questions of political science anywhere and everywhere: from ancient Greece to the contemporary world; from established democracies to totalitarian regimes; from small communities to capital cities; and from the international scale to the individual. Edited by one of the world's foremost political science scholars, this four-volume set provides researchers with a comprehensive overview of the numerous methods and applications of the comparative approach.

Volume I: Research Schools and Modes of Explanation: Rational Choice Theory, Cultural Analysis, Structural Theory, and Methods: Quantitative and Qualitative

Volume II: Macro-Politics: Regime Structure and Change.

Volume III: Macro-Politics: Politics, Economics, and Society

Volume IV: Political Choice and Behavior


A Perspective on Comparative Politics, Past and Present

Alan S. Zuckerman
Concept Misformation in Comparative Politics

Harry Eckstein
Comparative Politics and the Comparative Method

Giovanni Sartori
Case Study and Theory in Political Science

Arend Lijphart
Conceptual 'Stretching' Revisited: Adapting Categories in Comparative Analysis

Harry Eckstein
Human Nature in Politics: The Dialogue of Psychology with Political Science

David Collier and James Mahon
A Culturalist Theory of Political Change

Herbert A. Simon
Political Culture and Political Preferences

Harry Eckstein
The Renaissance of Political Culture

David, D. Laitin
Games Real Actors Could Play: The challenge of complexity

Ronald Inglehart
Political Science and the Three New Institutionalisms

Franz Scharpf
Comparative Politics and Rational Choice: A review essay

Peter Hall and Rosemary C. R. Taylor
Analytic Narratives

Robert H. Bates
The Analytic Narrative Project

Jon Elster
Returning to the Social Logic of Politics

Robert H., Bates, Avner Greif, Margaret Levi, Jean-Laurent Rosenthal & Barry R. Weingast
Alan S. Zuckerman,
Some Social Requisites of Democracy

The State as a Conceptual Variable

Seymour Martin Lipset
Transitions to Democracy: Toward a Dynamic Model

John Nettl
Still the Century of Corporatism?

Dankwart Rustow
The Return to the State

Philippe Schmitter
The Political Consequences of Electoral Laws, 1945-85

Gabriel Almond
Political Regime Change: Structure and Process-Driven Explanations?

Arend Lijphart
Dictatorship, Democracy, and Development

Herbert Kitschelt
Constitutional Frameworks and Democratic Consolidation: Parliamentarianism and presidentialism

Mancur Olson
Democratic Transitions in Comparative Perspective

Alfred Stepan and Cindy Skatch
Social Requisites of Democracy Revisited

Gerardo Munck
Decision Making in Political Systems: Veto players in presidentialism, parliamentarism, multicameralism, and multipartyism

Seymour Martin Lipset
Historical Institutionalism in Comparative Politics

George Tsebelis
Comparative Democratization: Big and bounded generalizations

Kathleen Thelen
Valerie Bunce
Political Cleavage: A Conceptual and Theoretical Analysis

Political Parties and Macroeconomic Policy

Alan S Zuckerman
The Expansion of the Public Economy: A comparative analysis

Douglas Hibbs
Modernization and Dependency: Alternative perspectives in the study of Latin American underdevelopment

David Cameron
The Structure of Class Conflict in Democratic Capitalist Societies

J. Samuel Valenzuela and Arturo Valenzuela
Working-Class Formation: Constructing Cases and Comparisons

Adam Przeworski and Michael Wallerstein
Union Organization in Advanced Industrial Democracies

Ira Katznelson
Invested Interests: The politics of national economic policies in a world of global finance

Michael Wallerstein
Government Partisanship, Labor Organization, and Macroeconomic Performance

Jeffrey Frieden
Bringing Capital Back In, or Social Democracy Reconsidered

Michael Alvarez, Geoffrey Garrett, and Peter Lange
The Dynamics of Trade Unionism and National Economic Performance

Peter Swenson
Beyond Corporatism: Toward a new framework for the study of labor in advanced capitalism

Miriam Golden
From Comparative Public Policy to Political Economy: Putting institutions in their place and taking interests seriously

Kathleen Thelen
Labor Markets, Production Strategies and Wage-Bargaining Institutions

Jonas Pontusson
The Sources of Business Interest in Social Insurance: Sectoral versus national differences

Jonas Pontusson and Peter Swenson
Isabela Mares
Volume 4: Political Choice and Behavior: Voting, political participation, contentious, and revolutionary behavior
Of Time and Partisan Stability

Corruption, Machine Politics, and Political Change

Philip E. Converse
Political Clientelism and Ethnicity in Tropical Africa

James C. Scott
The Selfish Voter Paradox and the Thrown-Away Vote Argument

René Lemarchand
The Two-Party System and Duverger's Law: An essay on the history of political science

Paul E. Meehl
Testing the converse partisanship model with new electorates

William H. Riker
The Political Bases of Citizen Contacting: A crossnational analysis

Richard G. Niemi, G. Bingham Powell Jr., Harold W. Stanley and C. Lawrence Evans
American Voting Turnout in Comparative Perspective

Alan S. Zuckerman and Darrell West
Political Institutions and Voter Turnout in the Industrial Democracies

G. Bingham Powell Jr.
Rethinking Rationality and Rebellion: Theories of collective action and problems of collective dissent

Robert W. Jackman
Political Leadership and Representation in West European Democracies: A test of three models of voting

Mark Irving Lichbach
The 5% Percent Rule

Torben Iversen
Explaining Interethnic Cooperation

Mark Irving Lichbach
Politics and Society: Political diversity and uniformity in households as a theoretical puzzle

James Fearon and David Laitin
Wanton and Senseless? The Logic of Massacres in Algeria

Alan S. Zuckerman and Laurence Kotler-Berkowitz
Ethnic Conflict and Civil Society: India and beyond

Stathis Kalyvas
Violence and the Social Construction of Ethnic Identity

Ashutosh Varshney
Patterns of Disagreement in Democratic Politics: Comparing Germany, Japan, and the United States

James Fearon and David Laitin