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Confident Assessment in Higher Education

Confident Assessment in Higher Education

January 2023 | 216 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Your perfect companion to building confident assessment in teaching and learning in higher education.

Assessment is a central part of teaching and learning in higher education and an area in which many university teachers lack confidence.

Designed to work across academic disciplines, this is a practical, theory-informed resource for anyone in the higher education sector. It offers an in-depth view of assessment, exploring current practice and contemporary challenges. It offers guidance on contextual assessment design and the teaching that can support this, alongside a deep dive on marking, feedback and common assessment challenges.

The final third of the book offers practical templates for a wide range of common assessment types including case studies, competence portfolios, essays and dissertations.

Rachel Forsyth is an educational developer who works at Lund University, Sweden.

Part 1: Identifying The Challenges
Chapter 1: Assessment in Higher Education
Chapter 2: What Do We Need To Talk About?
Chapter 3: What Else Should We Talk About?
Chapter 4: Assessment In The Contemporary University
Part 2: Making Assessment Work
Chapter 5: Designing Effective Assessment Tasks
Chapter 6: Designing Effective Marking And Feedback
Chapter 7: Teaching For Effective Assessment
Chapter 8: Marking And Feedback
Chapter 9: Assessing With Confidence
Part 3: Choosing Assignment Tasks And Feedback Tools
Chapter 10: Assignment Tasks
Chapter 11: Feedback Tools

This is a very useful read for both Higher Education (HE) teaching staff and students, especially those studying for a career in HE. One of the most relevant points about the book is its practical dimension informed with theoretical foundations. This allows practitioners to build on the theoretical foundations to legitimate practical decisions and enhance understanding of approaches to evaluation and the repertoire of evaluation strategies and techniques. The straightforward style of presentation makes this book an enjoyable read and a useful reference on evaluation in HE.

Dr Jose Manuel Reis-Jorge
Escola de Educação, Instituto Superior de Educação e Ciências
September 21, 2023

Very useful for planning H.E. courses rather than for students

Mrs Caroline Marshall
Early Years, Gloucestershire College
August 30, 2023

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