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Corporate Crime

Corporate Crime

Three Volume Set
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May 2009 | 1 192 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Corporate Crime involves issues of ever increasing significance, such as the environment, occupational health and safety, consumerism, and globalization. In these areas and many others, inadequately regulated corporate activity can cause considerable harm to numerous victims - many indeed would argue that the total costs of corporate crime exceed those of so called conventional crime. Yet it is not widely regarded as part of the crime problem and not subject to the same forms of policing and punishment. While many corporate activities are subject to criminal law, many are dealt with under 'regulatory' law, prosecution is rare, and sanctions have generally been regarded as lenient. Looking at how corporate crime is defined, patterned, and controlled therefore raises many issues of contemporary importance.

Corporate Crime examines key themes in the study of corporate crime, exploring how it is defined, legally constructed, researched, and controlled. It also looks at case studies of its many forms. It contains a selection of the classic literature on the subject along with a range of contemporary writing.

Volume 1: looks at the definition of corporate crime, and how it is legally constructed and publicly represented.
Volume 2: focuses on research on the many different forms of corporate crime, and how it has been analyzed by criminologists.
Volume 3: concentrates on issues of controlling corporate crime, involving an exploration of regulation and sanctioning along with new approaches. Each volume is prefaced by an introduction which sets out the main themes and contextualizes the selections.

Part One: Definitions
Is 'white collar crime' Crime?

Edwin H. Sutherland
Who is the Criminal?

Paul W. Tappan
Towards a Sociology of Organisational Crime

Laura S. Schraeger and James F. Short
State - Corporate Crime in a Globalized World: Myth or major challenge?

David O. Friedrichs
Part Two: Historical Aspects and the Development of Legislation
Historical Perspectives

Gilbert Geis
Daniel Defoe and Business Crime

Vincenzo Ruggiero
White Collar Crime in Modern England: Financial fraud and business morality 1845-1929

Robb George
Conventionalisation of Early Factory Crime

W.G. Carson
The Regulatory Dance: Understanding reform processes in corporate crime

Laureen Snider
Part Three: Legal Constructions and Issues
The Duality of Corporate and Individual Criminal Liability

Brent Fisse
Cry in the Dark: Corporate manslaughter and cultural meaning

Celia Wells
Corporate Criminality: Four models of fault

James Gobert
The Punishment of Corporate Crime in China

Ling Zhang and Lin Zhao
t Four: Corporate Crime in the Media
Newspaper Coverage of Corporate Price-fixing

Sandra S. Evans and Richard J.Lundman
The Social Construction of Corporate Violence: Media coverage of the Imperial Food Products Fire

John P. Wright, Francis T. Cullen and Michael B. Blankenship
The Media, the Politics of Truth and the Coverage of Corporate Vviolence: The Westray Disaster and the Public inquiry

John McMullan and Melissa McClung
Part Five: Counting the Cost: Researching and Victimisation
Dirty Business: Exploring corporate misconduct

Maurice Punch
Official Statistics and Hidden Crimes: Researching health and safety crimes

Steve Tombs
The Victims of White-Collar Crime

Hazel Croall
Transnational White Collar Crime: Some explorations of victimization impact

Mike Levi
Theoretical Perspectives on the Corporate Victimization of Women

Sally S. Simpson and Lori Elis
Victimization of Persons by Fraud

Richard M. Titus, Fred Heinzelmann and John M.Boyle
Part One: Case Studies
Financial Corporate Crime
The Heavy Electrical Antitrust Cases of 1961

Gilbert Geis
The Savings and Loan Debacle, Financial Crime, and the State

Kitty Calavita, Robert Tillman and Henry N. Pontell
The Looting of America

Stephen M. Rosoff, Henry N. Pontell and Robert H. Tillman,
Corporate 'Violence'
The Ford Pinto Case and Beyond

Francis T. Cullen, William J. Maakestad and Gray Cavender
At Any Cost: Corporate greed, women and the Dalkon Shield in Hills

Morton Mintz
US Capital Versus the Third World: Union Carbide and Bhopal

Frank Pearce and Steve Tombs
Environmental Pollution by Corporations in Japan

Minoru Yokoyama
Crime, Bio-Agriculture and the Exploitation of Hunger

Reece Walters
Part Two: Explaining Corporate Crime
Corporate Ethics and Crime

Marshall B.Clinard
Auto Makers and Dealers: A study of criminogenic market forces

William Leonard and Marvin G Weber
A Rational Choice Theory of Corporate Crime

Raymond Paternoster and Sally S.Simpson
Criminological Theory and Organisational Crime

John Braithwaite
Rational Choice, Situated Action, and the Social Control of Organizations

Diane Vaughan
Suite Violence: Why managers murder and corporations kill

Maurice Punch
Global Anomie, Dysnomie and Economic Crime: Hidden consequences of neo liberalism and globalisation in Russia and around the world

Nikos Passas
Environmental Issues and the Criminological Imagination

Rob White
The Crimes of Neo-Liberal Rule in Occupied Iraq

David Whyte
Part One: Regulation: General/ Theories
The Criminology of the Corporation and Regulatory Enforcement Strategies

Robert A. Kagan and John T.Scholz
Responsive Regulation

Ian Ayres and John Braithwaite
Hazards, Law and Class: Contextualizing the regulation of corporate crime

Frank Pearce and Steve Tombs
Part Two: Regulation in Practice
Policing Corporate Crime: A typology of enforcement styles

Nancy Frank
An Inspector Calls

Bridget Hutter
Law, Policy and Legal Avoidance: Can law effectively implement egalitarian policies?

Doreen McBarnet
Part Three: Sanctions: Theories of Punishment
On Theory and Action for Corporate Crime Control

John Braithwaite and Gilbert Geis
Taming the Giant Corporation? Some cautionary remarks on the deterrability of corporate crime

Charles Moore
Corporate Crime Deterrence and Corporate Control Policies

Sally S Simpson
Part Four: Alternative Approaches
Sentencing the Corporate Offender: Legal and social issues

Hazel Croall and Jennifer Ross
The US Sentencing Commission on Corporate Crime: A critique

Amitai Etzioni
Organisational Probation and the U/S. Sentencing Commission

William S. Lofquist
Suite Justice or Sweet Charity? Some explorations of shaming and incapacitating business fraudsters

Part 5: Contemporary Issues and Approaches
The Sociology of Corporate Crime: An obituary (or, whose knowledge claims have legs?)

Laureen Snider
Rethinking Corporate Crime

James Gobert and Maurice Punch
Regulatory Reform in Light of Regulatory Character: Assessing industrial safety change in the aftermath of the kader toy factory fire in Bangkok, Thailand

Fiona Haines
Globalisation of Criminal Justice in the Corporate Context Crime

Michael Gilbert and Steve Russell

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