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Correctional Mental Health

Correctional Mental Health
From Theory to Best Practice

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November 2010 | 432 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

A research-to-practice text offering a biopsychosocial approach to treating criminal offenders

Correctional Mental Health is a broad-based, balanced guide for students who are learning to treat criminal offenders in a correctional mental health practice.  Featuring a wide selection of readings, this edited text offers a thorough grounding in theory, current research, professional practice, and clinical experience. It emphasizes a biopsychosocial approach to caring for the estimated 20% of all U.S. prisoners who have a serious mental disorder. Providing a balance between theoretical and practical perspectives throughout, the text also provides readers with a big-picture framework for assessing current correctional mental health and criminal justice issues, offering clear strategies for addressing these challenges.

Thomas Fagan, Dyona Augustin
1. Criminal Justice and Mental Health Systems: The New Continuum of Care System
Robert Powitzky
2. Comparison of Correctional and Community Mental Health Service Delivery Models
Peter M. Carlson
3. Managing the Mentally Ill from a Correctional Administrator's Perspective
Daryl G. Kroner, Jeremy F. Mills, Andrew Gray and Kelly O. N. Talbert
4. Clinical Assessment in Correctional Settings
Donald A. Sawyer, Catherine Moffitt
5. Correctional Treatment
Corinne N. Ortega
6. Issues in Multicultural Correctional Assessment and Treatment
Gollapudi S. Shankar
7. Clinical Psychopharmacology in Correctional Settings
Dean Aufderheide and John D. Baxter
8. Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Correctional Practice
Rebecca L. Bauer, Robert D. Morgan and Jon T. Mandracchia
9. Offenders with Severe and Persistent Mental Illness
Ann Booker Loper and Lacey Levitt
10. Mental Health Needs of Female Offenders
David J. Stephens
11. Substance Abuse and Co-occurring Disorders among Criminal Offenders
Shelia M. Brandt and Michael Thompson
12. Assessment and Treatment of Incarcerated Sex Offenders
Debra DePrato and Stephen W. Phillippi
13. Juvenile Offenders
Steven J. Helfand
14. Managing Disruptive Offenders: A Behavioral Perspective
Alix M. McLearen and Phillip R. Magaletta
15. Understanding the Broad Corrections Environment: Responding to the Needs of Diverse Inmates
Robert K. Ax
16. Correctional Mental Health: A Best Practices Future

An interesting text that provides a trans-altantic perspective on the treatment and supervision of mental health issues within the secure estate. Readers are introduced to the clinical and actuarial aspects of managing risk through assessment protocols and supervision. A good source of reference that has potential to generate comparative debates in UK practice.

Dr Paul Taylor
Social Studies and Counselling, Chester University
April 11, 2011
Key features

Key Features

  • Includes chapters on a wide selection of topics, written by established correctional practitioners or administrators at the federal, state, or local level or by academics in the field
  • Emphasizes current issues and real problems faced by correctional mental health practitioners along with suggested best-practice solutions to prepare students for careers in this field
  • Examines special correctional mental health populations such as juveniles, women, and sex offenders, encouraging readers to develop a greater understanding of the unique symptoms and management issues related to group
  • Features current best practices and other practical tips in each chapter to help those interested in establishing or managing a correctional mental health practice
  • Offers discussion questions in each chapter to stimulate classroom discussion and independent thought, as well as other pedagogical tools for critical thinking

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