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Critical Learning for Social Work Students

Critical Learning for Social Work Students

Second Edition
  • Sue Jones - Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, UK

January 2017 | 176 pages | Learning Matters
Social work agencies want newly-qualified workers who can practice as highly motivated and self-flourishing professionals. To get to this stage, social work degree students need to be critical, analytical and evaluative in their thinking, reading and writing. And while lecturers may highlight this need when marking assignments, there is limited space to explore these topics within an already tight social work curriculum. This revised second edition helps to tackle this problem and goes to the heart of these essential skills.

By using practical examples and interactive features Critical Learning for Social Work Students will help guide you through your degree and on to becoming a fully-developed and critical practitioner. It covers key areas of critical thinking such as developing a clear and logical argument as well as the application of self-evaluation and understanding the 'professional self'. For this edition there is a new chapter on developing emotional intelligence.

Introduction to Second Edition
Developing Critical Questions
Developing Critical Reading
Developing Critical Writing
Developing Critical Reasoning
Developing a Critical Approach Using Multiple Intelligences
Developing as a Critical Practitioner
Critical Learning Log
Appendix 1: Professional Capabilities Framework
Appendix 2: Subject Benchmark for Social Work

Good additional reading for students on the new step up to social work programme next January

Mr Courtney Jones
ASS, Bedfordshire University
September 2, 2013

In my view this is a thoroughly useful text to support students in their journey to becoming critical practitioners. Lots of practical examples are provided that enable students to explore and develop skills in critical, analytical and evaluative thinking. The chapters include guidance for applying these skills within the social work context and how to employ them when reading and writing. I believe this will be especially invaluable for students who are struggling to produce written assignments of degree standard.

Miss Jacky Foster
Social Work , Cornwall College
July 31, 2013

Useful for students to develop critical analysis both in practice and in education

Mrs Nicola Meek
Services To People, Merthyr Tydfil College
June 20, 2013

Some very well made points for student readers.

Ms Allison Dunhill
Centre For Educational Studies, University of Hull
June 17, 2013

Essential reading with maps on to the PCFs.

Dr Shepard Masocha
School of Social Policy , Sociology & Social Research, University of Kent
June 15, 2013

This text is better than I expected for a book with "critical" in the title! It contains prompts and guides that are helpful in structuring reflective practice in reading, writing and reasoning processes. With the usual excellent Learning Matters presentation of course!

Professor Brian Taylor
Sociology & Applied Social Studies, University of Ulster
June 13, 2013

This text is a really helpful addition to the toolkit that enables undergraduate students to develop analysis and critical thinking throughout their degree and on into practice. It has a readable style and has useful case examples.

Mr Dave Mason
Faculty of Health Sciences, Staffordshire University
June 11, 2013

Now more than ever students are expected to take on board the required aspects of critical learning alongside reflective practice. This text is essential reading for students entering the social work programmes.

Mrs Nieca Boynton
Social Sciences Department, Hull University
June 10, 2013

A strutured approach to developing critical approaches to social work, writing and CPD.

Mr Mick Wilkinson
Social Work, Health, Soc Care & Couns, Nottingham Trent University
June 4, 2013

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