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Cross-Cultural Management

Cross-Cultural Management
A Contemporary Approach

April 2023 | 456 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This timely textbook is contemporary and comprehensive in its coverage of Cross-Cultural Management, and unique in its approach which fosters a multi-paradigmatic mindset among readers; embraces problem-based and experiential learning; and acknowledges the many diverse identities of cross-cultural managers.

Part I provides an overview on how Cross-Cultural Management emerged and why it is unique, and Part II integrates the functionalist, interpretive and critical perspectives underpinning it. Part III transfers this learning to areas of application, including international business, organizations, technology and social media, and Part IV focuses on key skillsets such as developing your managerial competencies and designing your own research. 

Each chapter is brought to life via an opening case study, and readers are invited to complete a variety of activities throughout chapters. Afterwards, the opening case is revisited, and a closing activity introduces the next area of learning.

This textbook is essential reading for higher education students, educators and researchers alike, and will also be of interest to business and management practitioners. It can be used as a central text for university and college courses on and related to Cross-Cultural Management, International Business and general intercultural competencies.

Jasmin Mahadevan is a Professor of International and Cross-Cultural Management at Pforzheim University, Germany.

CCM Underpinnings
Cross-Cultural Management In A Changing World
From National Culture To Global Virtual Teams: Focus Points Of Cross-Cultural Management Studies
Identities Of The Cross-Cultural Manager
CCM Perspectives
Contemporary Cross-Cultural Management Paradigms, Or: How To Assess And Manage A Cross-Cultural Situation?
Functionalist Cross-Cultural Management, Or: How Does CCM Work?
Interpretive Cross-Cultural Management, Or: What Does CCM Mean?
Critical Cross-Cultural Management, Or: Whom Does CCM Serve, And How Does This Happen?
CCM Applications
CCM, And International Business
CCM, And Organization
CCM, And Technology And Social Media
CCM Skillsets
Developing Your Cross-Cultural Management Competencies
Designing Your Cross-Cultural Management Research

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