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Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Early Childhood

Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Early Childhood

Edited by:

February 2012 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

By exploring the key issues, arguments and messages that exist in the field, this book provides an international, comparative look at aspects of early childhood education and care. Pedagogical practices, learning cultures and the professional development of practitioners are considered within the wider political agenda of different countries. Pertinent policy and practice issues, such as numeracy and literacy, are carefully examined. The text highlights how important it is to engage with and listen to children, to provide positive learning encounters.

Divided into four parts, the book covers:

  • Children's Learning Cultures
  • Culture of Pedagogy
  • Cultural Perspectives on Curriculum
  • Cultures of Professional Development

Chapters cover key topics such as:

  • Multi-sensory learning
  • Outdoor learning
  • Children's voice
  • Children as mentors
  • Literacy and mathematics

With expert contributors drawn from across the world, this book is vital reading for all those studying comparative education on early years courses.

Theodora Papatheodorou and Janet Moyles
Janet Moyles and Theodora Papatheodorou
Sue Gascoyne
Seeing the Wood for the Trees: Adults' Roles in Supporting Sensory Play
Sara Knight
Valuing Outdoor Spaces: Different Models of Outdoor Learning in the Early Years
Maulfry Worthington
The Power of Graphicacy for the Young Child
Mallika Kanyal and Linda Cooper
Young Children's Perceptions of their Classroom Environment: Perspectives From England and India
Janet Moyles and Theodora Papatheodorou
Eva Maagerø and Birte Simonsen
Constructing an Inclusive Culture in Kindergartens
Mary James and Hasina Ebrahim
Pedagogic Activities for Early Education in a Child-to-Child Programme in South Africa
Anastasia Papaprokopiou and Athina Kammenou
Transition to Preschool Education in Greece: Attitudes of Parents and Educators
Janet Moyles and Theodora Papatheodorou
Ronit Alin
Teaching Linear Measurement in the Israeli Kindergarten Curriculum
Patricia H. Kostell
How Children's Books Create a Scaffold to Understanding Diversity
Paulette Luff
Challenging assessment
Janet Moyles and Theodorou Papatheodorou
Anne Hunt and Pam Nason
Colliding Discourses: Negotiating Spaces to Enact Pedagogy as an Ethical Encounter
Jill Sachs
The individual as inspiration: A Model for Early Years Teacher Transformation
Carolyn Silberfeld
International Student Experiences: Influences on Early Childhood Practice
Christine Such, Julia Druce and Hazel Jennings
Transformation of Early Years Provision Using Discourses for Professional Development for Practitioners
Hazel R. Wright
From Parent to Practitioner: Alternative Pathways to Professionalism
Lilian G. Katz
Endpiece: Where Are We Now and Where Should We Be Going?

'Expert contributors from around the world are found throughout this book, making it essential reading for all those studying on early years courses'
-Martine Horvath, Early Years Educator

A good addition to any module related to international perspectives in education.

HESC Office, Barnet And Southgate College
February 12, 2020

This book explores key issues in relation to ECEC internationally Moreover it highlights the importance of engaging with and listening to children so as to provide positive learning encounters wherever they are.

Further and Higher Education, South Essex College - Basildon
March 4, 2019

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Mrs Gail Parker
SWWCTE, University of Wales, Trinity St David
June 15, 2015

This is a fantastic book for those studying comparative education or different childhoods. The text identifies British cultural perspectives as well as global. The perspectives in this text are varied but in sufficient depth to make this recommended reading for our students on the BA (Hons) Child Development and Education.

Miss Jo Button
Education , South Devon College
April 29, 2015

Very easy to read useful reference for comparative study assignments

Mrs Tracey Edwards
School of Education, Wolverhampton University
April 1, 2015

A super read for budding early years practitioners as the context of theory is supported by observational evidence. This book reaches the core matter of early years education in its widest sense and does so in a straight forward but captivating way. It then goes on to making comparable perspectives with other nations.

Mrs Karen Smith
Early Years, University Centre Barnsley
March 31, 2015

A fascinating text which will suit Honours level students and beyond in the subjects of Early Years, Childhood Studies, and sociological studies around children.

Mr Steven Burton
Carnegie Faculty of Sports & Education, Leeds Metro Univ.
September 4, 2014

I will be recommending this book for a new course starting in September, Appropriate for 3rd year students and beyond. The text is well organised and covers a wide range of early childhood issues from a range of international perspectives. Contributions are including from highly regarded international authors. The Cross- Cultural perspectives given in the book are wide and challenging.

Mrs Sharon Colilles
Carnegie Faculty of Sports & Education, Leeds Metropolitan University
August 22, 2014

This is for a new course being developed and is one I can see being recommended reading when the course is fully functioning

Ms Juliet Radford Hayes
Health and Social Care, Coventry University College
June 24, 2014

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