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Culturally Alert Counseling DVD

Culturally Alert Counseling DVD
Working With Conservative Religious Clients

LGBT Counseling

August 2008 | 8 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Culturally Alert Counseling: Working With Conservative Religious Clients

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For many clients, religion is a central aspect of their lives. Counselors must know how to support and challenge clients in a helpful way by incorporating religion into counseling in a useful way. This breakthrough DVD illustrates key issues in the important but often-ignored area of working with religious issues in counseling. In this session, a counselor helps a conservative Christian woman incorporate her faith into the solution to her family and relationship dilemma. The DVD demonstrates many of the following issues in working with religious clients: showing respect for the client's faith, having some knowledge of that faith tradition, assessing the role and importance of the client's faith, establishing trust, and reinterpreting religious understandings. By viewing the session in its entirety, students and clinicians will benefit from seeing firsthand how the counselor manages the session and uses opportunities to deepen the therapeutic relationship.

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ISBN: 9781412970280