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Culturally Alert Counseling

Culturally Alert Counseling
A Comprehensive Introduction

Third Edition
Edited by:

LGBT Counseling

October 2019 | SAGE Publications, Inc
Garrett McAuliffe
Introduction: Culture and Diversity Defined
Garrett McAuliffe
Culture: Clarifications and Complications
Tim Grothaus, Garrett McAuliffe, Mona Danner, Lynn Doyle
Equity, Advocacy, and Social Justice
Garrett McAuliffe, Bryan Kim, Yong Park
Garrett McAuliffe, Tim Grothaus, Edwin Gomez
Conceptualizing Race and Racism
Kathy Evans
African Americans
Bryan Kim, Yong Park, Sherry Wang
Culturally Alert Counseling with East and Southeast Asian Americans
Michael Garrett, J.T. Garrett, Lisa Grayshield, Cyrus Williams, Tarrell Portman, Edil Torres Rivera, Gloria King, Tami Ogletree, Mark Parrish, Barbara Kawulich
Culturally Alert Counseling with Native Americans
Adrianne Johnson, Tara Hill
White Americans of European Decent
Julie Hakim-Larson, Sylvia Nassar-McMillan, Ashley Paterson
Counseling Middle Eastern Americans
Edward Delgado-Romero, Jhokania De Los Santos, Cristalis Capielo, Jasmine Jenkins, Rebekah Ingram
Latino/Latina Americans
Daya Sandhu, Jayamala Madathil
Culturally Sensitive Counseling with South Asian Americans
Patricia Goodspeed-Grant, Karen Mackie
The Context of Social Class
Lori Notestine, Chris Leeth
Counseling Men and Women: Considering Gender and Sex
Dawn Szymanski, Rachel Carretta
Counseling Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Clients
Karen Eriksen, Shelley Jackson, Chet Weld, Susan Lester
Religion and Spirituality
Yvette Getch, Christina Noel, Adrianne Johnson
Counseling and Disabilities
Margaret O’Reilly-Carroll
Counseling Refugees and Immigrants
Garrett McAuliffe, Tim Grothaus, David Pare, Ali Wolf
The Practice of Culturally Alert Counseling

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