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Current Widowhood

Current Widowhood
Myths & Realities

Volume: 3

December 1995 | 272 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
"This book should be read by all those coping with widowhood; those studying gender, aging, or social roles; and those providing services to widows." --Choice "This volume provides an overview of the major themes that have characterized the study of widowhood in recent decades. . . .There is a richness and depth to the discussion, which draws on a large body of research not only on widowhood but also on such related topics as later-life marriage, caregiving roles, friendship ties, employment patterns, and the changing roles of wife and mother. . . .This volume brings together Helena Znaniecka Lopata's insights and understandings based on nearly 30 years of research on widowhood in a variety of contexts. . . .The book is well anchored in its focus on widowhood as both a process of transition--involving the movement from wife to widow--and as a status--with certain characteristics, rights, and expectations--held by previously married individuals." --Anne Martin Matthews,

Studying Widowhood
Widowhood in Other Places and Times
Widowhood in America
Wife into Widow
Emotions, Sentiments, Resources, and Identities
Kin Roles in Widowhood
Friendship in Widowhood
Annette Prosterman
Community and Societal Responses to American Widows
Widowhood in Variation
Past, Present, and Future  

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