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Dealing with Feeling

Dealing with Feeling

Second Edition
  • Tina Rae - Professional and Academic Tutor, University of East London

October 2007 | 216 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Firmly supported by a wealth of research linking children's mental and physical health to emotional well being, this new edition of the bestselling Dealing with Feeling provides teachers of children aged 5–8 with structured opportunities to develop their emotional literacy.

In this second edition, Tina Rae emphasizes the development of empathy, tolerance, resilience, and motivation as well as an emotional vocabulary. The text helps teachers introduce students to a variety of techniques for managing more complex and uncomfortable feelings in a variety of situations. Solution-focused strategies are woven into:

  • Worksheet tasks
  • Self-reflection activities
  • Take-home assignments

Packed with teacher-friendly sessions, this book fulfills the requirements of the PSCHE curriculum and Healthy Schools agenda and also complements the SEAL curriculum (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning).

Introduction and Background
The Structure of the Programme
The Structure of the Lessons
Notes for Teachers - How to Use the Programme
Lessons 1-40
Feeling Angry  
Feeling Sad  
Feeling Afraid  
Feeling Happy  
Feeling Surprised  
Feeling Loved  
Feeling Shocked  
Feeling Bored  
Feeling Jealous  
Feeling Ashamed  
Feeling Lonely  
Feeling Greedy  
Feeling Nervous  
Feeling Disappointed  
Feeling Rejected  
Feeling Shy  
Feeling Arrogant  
Feeling Generous  
Feeling Selfish  
Feeling Intimidated.  
Feeling Accepted  
Feeling Alienated  
Feeling Bereaved  
Feeling Betrayed  
Feeling Brave  
Feeling Dominated  
Feeling Deceitful  
Feeling Envious  
Feeling Frantic  
Feeling Guilty  
Feeling Homesick  
Feeling Helpful  
Feeling Impatient  
Feeling Inferior  
Feeling Loyal  
Feeling Misunderstood  
Feeling Possessive  
Feeling Sorry  
Feeling Stressed  
Feeling Vain  
Letter to Parents Format
Useful Organisations, Websites and Publications
My Feelings Folder Format
Our Definitions Format
The Assault Cycle
Novaco's Anger Model
The Traffic Lights Format
Emotions Scale
Good Group Work Format
Conflict Solver
Peaceful Problem Solver
Problem Solving Format
Problem Page

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