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Designing Qualitative Research

Designing Qualitative Research

Seventh Edition

June 2021 | 344 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This bestselling text has been relied upon by thousands of graduate students to provide guidance on the different qualitative research genres, building a conceptual framework, and preparing the proposal. Students have appreciated the clarity of the content and writing, the useful examples, tools, and vignettes, and the extensive guide to recommended reading at the end of each chapter. Designing Qualitative Research, Seventh Edition has been updated within the contexts of 2020 during which it was written. Catherine Marshall, Gretchen B. Rossman and new co-author Gerardo L. Blanco have added more on the history and new emerging genres of qualitative inquiry, as well as providing a more sustained and deeper focus on social media and other digital applications in conducting qualitative research. They have added application activities throughout the chapters to provide opportunities for students to try out ideas. The new edition's timely vignettes illustrate the methodological challenges posed by the intellectual, ethical, political, and technological advances affecting society and, hence, those who choose to rely on qualitative research design for inquiry into these challenges. An accompanying Instructor website for the book includes PowerPoint slides and suggestions for class activities.

1. Introduction
2. Qualitative Research Genres
3. Trustworthiness and Ethics
4. The What of the Study: Building the Conceptual Framework
5. The How of the Study: Building the Research Design
6. Basic Data Collection Methods
7. Specialized and Focused Data Collection Methods
8. Managing, Analyzing, and Interpreting Data
9. Arguing the Merits of Your Proposal and Moving Forward

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ISBN: 9781071817353