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Destructive Leadership in the Workplace and its Consequences

Destructive Leadership in the Workplace and its Consequences
Translating theory and research into evidence-based practice

First edition

May 2022 | 184 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

With relevance across public, private and not-for-profit sectors, and combining perspectives from both the business and psychology worlds, this book is a cross-disciplinary look at how destructive leaders can impact organisations and their workers, and how best to recognise and deal with them.

This text bridges the gap between the theory and the practical application, by taking the academic research and translating this for students, managers and practitioners in the field into practicable interventions they can use in their everyday practice to recognise and resolve issues raised by destructive leaders.

Using case studies throughout, this guide takes the theory and places it in the real world, helping readers take the theory beyond the page and apply it to their practice. 

Section 1: Destructive Leadership and its Impact
Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Destructive leadership as a wicked problem
Chapter 3. Antecedents to destructive leadership
Chapter 4. The impact of destructive leadership
Chapter 5. Toxic environments: The role of culture
Chapter 6. Organisational and employee silence
Chapter 7. Consequences of destructive leadership for employees
Chapter 8. Follower coping with destructive leadership
Section 2: Organisational Interventions to Address Destructive Leadership
Chapter 9. Organisational diagnostics and interventions
Chapter 10. Practical implications for leadership development programmes
Chapter 11. Practical implications for follower interventions
Chapter 12. Repairing the damage caused by destructive leadership
Chapter 13. Destructive leadership: Future directions for research and practice

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