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Developing Pedagogy

Developing Pedagogy
Researching Practice

First Edition
Edited by:

February 2001 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This book encourages readers to explore significant aspects of current thinking in primary education (for ages 3-13) focusing on pedagogy: the study of processes of teaching. The authors consider contexts, knowledge, skills and curriculum within a framework of practice. A distinctive feature is the voices of teachers, children, parents, advisors and inspectors and others.

The book covers: learning, knowledge and pedagogy; pedagogic issues, application of practice. The authors also present a discussion of national strategies and The National Curriculum update for 2000, discussions of a world-wide curriculum, and ICT and citizenship viewed as tools for developing aspects of pedagogy.

Andrew Pollard
Towards a New Perspective on Children's Learning?
Janet Moyles
Just for Fun?
The Child as Active Learner and Meaning Maker

Mary Phillips Manke
Defining Classroom Knowledge
The Part that Children Play

Sonia Nieto
Critical Pedagogy, Empowerment and Learning
Pam Pointon and Ruth Kershner
Organizing the Primary Classroom Environment as a Context for Learning
Margery D Osborne
Balancing Individual and the Group
A Dilemma for the Constructivist Teacher

Mary Phillips Manke
`Sally, Would You Like to Sit Down?'
How Teachers use Politeness and Indirect Discourse

Roger Hancock and Melian Mansfield
The Literary Hour
A Case for Listening to Children

Karen Gallas
Silence as a Fortress and Prison
Alistair Ross
What Is Curriculum?
Mike Davies and Gwyn Edwards
Will the Curriculum Caterpillar Ever Learn to Fly?
Bob Jeffrey
Challenging Prescription in Ideology and Practice
The Case of Sunny First School

Elizabeth Wood
The Impact of the National Curriculum on Play in Reception Class
Don Rowe
Value Pluralism, Democracy and Education for Citizenship
Michael Bonnet, Angela McFarlane and Jacquetta Williams
ICT in Subject Teaching an Opportunity for Curriculum Renewal?
Kathy Hall
Critical Literacy and the Case for It in the Early Years of School

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