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Discourses on Aging and Dying

Discourses on Aging and Dying

First Edition
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Health & Aging

March 2008 | 272 pages | SAGE India
Aging and dying are inevitable. However, coming to terms with this truth can be difficult, especially in the modern context with an excessive dependence and faith in biomedicine. Advances in biomedicine and life-prolongation strategies along with changes in social-cultural structures pose a different kind of predicament – the percentage of aging population is on the rise and, at the same time, traditional strategies for taking care of the elderly and their problems are being replaced by more impersonal state-driven methods. India, with its large population, poor biomedical facilities for the average person, and widespread poverty, yet fast changing attitudes towards family and the aged, faces a great crisis today.

The collection of essays in this volume addresses different aspects of this issue. The first section is both philosophical and prescriptive. It explores our rich religious and philosophical tradition to probe the very concepts of life and death and then suggests strategies - age old and time-tested - for coping with the inevitability of aging and dying. Hindu, Buddhist and Islamic perspectives on aging, dying, euthanasia, and related concepts are explored and coping strategies suggested.

The second section deals with socio-ethical issues related to aging and dying in the Indian context, in light of the existing state of affairs and possible directions for the future. The third and final section looks at the most pressing problems that confront both Indian society and medicine – end-of-life care.
Swami H H Bhaktisvarupa Damodaran (Dr T D Singh)
Aging and Dying - The Vedantic Perspective
Swami Prabhananda
The Art of Dying with Dignity
Swami Jitatmananda
Life and Immortality in Indian Thought
Manisha Sen and Shafi Shaikh
Death and Dying in Islam: Psychological and Spiritual Perspectives
Madhumita Chattopadhay
Death and Dying: A Buddhist Analysis
Aiswarya Biswas
The Buddhist Way to Overcome Jara-Maranam
P Bhatnagar
Death as Divine Wedding - The Sant-Mat Perspective
Anupama Datta
Socio-Ethical Issues in the Existing Paradigm of Care for the Older Persons: Emerging Challenges and Possible Responses
Amrita Bagga
Gender Issues in Care Giving
Paromita Ghosh and Anindita Dey
Views on Aging and Dying Among Middle Class Bengali Hindu Elderly Residents of Kolkata
K R G Nair
A Plea for a Holistic Approach to Aging PART III AGING AND DYING: END-OF-LIFE CARE
S K Jindal
Old Age, Disease and Terminal Care: A Hindu Perspective
K J George
Paternalistic Decisions for the Comate and Dying Aged: A Neo-Vedantic Perspective
Chandralekha Duttagupta
Dying with Dignity
Umesh K Singh
Culture Specific and Culture Sensitive End-of-Life Care: A Case Study Based on Kashi Labh Mukti Bhawan, Benaras

"The book is a welcome initial introduction to its chosen theme for those coming from other faiths and parts of the world and will hopefully provoke further debate on issues related to ageing in East and West."

Carla Risseeuw
International Institute for Asian Studies, University of Leiden, The Netherlands

The book has a thoughtful, philosophical and rich content on the subject of ‘discourses on ageing and dying’ and will help researchers as a good comprehensive compilation and consolidated reference material on the subject and will reduce the fears and frustrations of ageing in society.

Journal of Health Management

Discourses on Aging and Dying…is an unusual book in the sense that it explores the truth about…inevitable yet painful bodily processes from widely different perspectives, ranging from the philosophical, spiritual and ethical to the political and medical.

The Telegraph

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