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Doing Internet Research

Doing Internet Research
Critical Issues and Methods for Examining the Net

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November 1998 | 328 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Whether or not one believes the hyperbolic claims about the Internet being the biggest thing since the invention of the wheel, the Internet is a medium with great consequences for social and economic life. Doing Internet Research is written to help people discern in what ways it has commanded the public imagination, and the methodological issues that arise when one tries to study and understand the social processes occurring within the Internet. Each contributor to the volume offers original responses in the search for, and critique of, methods with which to study the Internet and the social, political, economic, artistic, communicative phenomena occurring within and around it. This book provides encouragement for readers getting started with Internet research and also provides perspective on this new and ubiquitous communication medium.

James T Costigan
Forests, Trees and Internet Research

Steve Jones
Studying the Net
Intricacies and Issues

Fay Sudweeks and Simeon J Simoff
Complementary Explorative Data Analysis
The Reconciliation of Quantitative and Qualitative Principles

Lori Kendall
Recontextualizing `Cyberspace'
Methodological Considerations for On-line Research

Laura Garton, Caroline Haythornthwaite and Barry Wellman
Studying On-line Social Networks
Norman K Denzin
Cybertalk and the Method of Instances
James J Sosnoski
Configuring as a Mode of Rhetorical Analysis
Diane F Witmer, Robert W Colman and Sandra Lee Katzman
From Paper-and-Pencil to Screen-and-Keyboard
Toward a Methodology for Survey Research on the Internet

Margaret McLaughlin et al
Measuring Internet Audiences
Patrons of an On-line Art Museum

Ananda Mitra and Elisia Cohen
Analyzing the Web
Directions and Challenges

Jan Fernback
There is a There There
Notes toward a Definition of Cybercommunity

Teresa M Harrison and Timothy Stephen
Researching and Creating Community Networks
Barbara F Sharf
Beyond Netiquette
The Ethics of Doing Naturalistic Discourse Research on the Internet

Jonathan Sterne
Thinking the Internet
Cultural Studies versus the Millennium


This is a helpful guide for those of us who use the Internet for research. Within the world digital learning, understanding how to maximise the potential for Internet research with appropriate methods is essential.

Mrs Lyz Howard
Department of Health, Health and Social Care Teaching Team
January 25, 2014

Good use of diagrams and tables to support the theory. Personal example used was very useful in reinforcing the theory

Mrs Caroline Holliday
Lancashire Business School, University of Central Lancashire
February 22, 2013

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