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Doing Your Early Years Research Project

Doing Your Early Years Research Project
A Step by Step Guide

Fifth Edition

July 2023 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This best-selling guide to undertaking your Early Years research project takes you on a practical step-by-step journey. Breaking down each section into accessible and digestible topics, and accompanied by a multitude of practical examples, case studies, research summaries and key points, the author brings this process to life.

The updated and revised edition includes:

  • All chapters have been updated with new content on working in an online environment
  • Completely revised Chapter 10, packed with new content
  • New activities and case studies throughout

From learning how to structure and organise your project, through to the final presentation and written report of your findings, this is the essential guide for undergraduate and postgraduate students throughout their early childhood or early years courses.

Chapter 1: You Can Do Research!
Chapter 2: Your Research Story, Methodology And Research Questions
Chapter 3: Writing Your Literature Review
Chapter 4: Ethical Issues In Early Childhood Research
Chapter 5: Designing Your Research
Chapter 6: Creative Listening With Young Children
Chapter 7: Observation: Looking And Listening
Chapter 8: Writing And Using Questionnaires
Chapter 9: Interviewing Children And Adults
Chapter 10: Analysing Your Qualitative And Quantitative Data Findings
Chapter 11: Writing Up Your Research Project

-          Move the online resources into Further Reading journal suggestions at the end of chapters (these were the most used resource) if we don’t retain them as ORs.

-          Chapter by chapter updates (updates to references, technology, policy and curriculum)

- With the move towards blended learning, include more on researching online, and also updates to technology uses and references throughout.
- rewriting of Ch 9

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