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Don't Smile Until December, and Other Myths About Classroom Teaching

Don't Smile Until December, and Other Myths About Classroom Teaching

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November 2005 | 104 pages | Corwin

"I felt inspired and renewed and validated."
-Cathy Lutz, Teacher
Madison Station Elementary School, MS

"Both practical and inspirational."
-Chris Laster, Teacher
Russell Elementary School, Smyrna, GA

"This is a book I want to utilize with my preservice students. It is right on, a great positive PR tool for our new teachers."
-J. Victor McGuire, Founder
National Association for Beginning Teachers
Professor, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

"The author's voice is clear and comes from a deep set of values and beliefs that should be heard by contemporary teachers in training and by practicing teachers."
-Marilyn Katzenmeyer
Professional Development Center

Smile as early and as often as you can in your learning classroom!

Explore the realities behind eight well-known teaching myths with veteran teacher educator Peggy Deal Redman. With insightful classroom stories, reflective questions, how-to tips and strategies, and inspirational quotes to encourage, inspire, and motivate every teacher in today's professional learning community, this creative resource offers:

  • Tools for building a positive classroom environment
  • Sound advice for developing respectful relationships with students
  • Tips for collaborating with colleagues, administrators, and parents
  • Ideas for rekindling professional idealism

About the Author
1. Myth #1: Don’t Smile Until December
Reality: Smile as Early On and as Often as You Can to Build a Healthy Classroom Climate

2. Myth #2: Teaching Is a Cushy Job
Reality: Teaching Is Hard Work and Requires Year-Round Planning in Addition to Daily Preparation and Professional Development

3. Myth #3: Good Teachers Are Born, Not Made
Reality: Teachers Are Lifelong Learners Continually Growing in Their Profession From Their “Aha” Moments Through Their Veteran Mentoring Years

4. Myth #4: Good Teachers Don’t Make Mistakes
Reality: Good Teachers Learn From Their Most Dramatic Mistakes

5. Myth #5: Good Teachers Teach Facts
Reality: Good Teachers Teach the Whole Child How to Think and Learn

6. Myth #6: They Can’t Learn; They Belong in Special Education
Reality: Every Child Can Learn and Is Legally Entitled to the Best Education

7. Myth #7: Teaching Is a Lonely Job
Reality: Teaching Is a Collaborative Profession and Today’s Schools Are Professional Learning Communities

8. Myth #8 Teaching Is a Dead End Job
Reality: The Rewards of Teaching Are Unending


"Each chapter stands alone, which makes them a handy resource for a quick reference or re-read...I loved all the references and quotes--good resources for additional information...would be a great recommended course book for student teachers."

Debbie Gordon
Phoenix, AZ
Key features
  • Each chapter explores the reality behind one common classroom myth, countering the myth with wisdom, reality, common sense,  classroom stories, reflective questions, how-to tips and strategies, and inspirational quotations.
  • Ideal for new and veteran teachers, for student teachers and teacher leaders, for teacher educators and school/district leaders alike.  
  • Each chapter is designed to be read and discussed independently within classroom or workshop settings.  

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