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Don't Suspend Me!

Don't Suspend Me!
An Alternative Discipline Toolkit

Second Edition

May 2022 | 176 pages | Corwin

Shift from traditional to alternative discipline that really works

As educators face ever-changing discipline laws and regulations coupled with a return to in-person learning, the second edition of Don’t Suspend Me! arrives at the perfect time to guide them in everything they need to know to avoid reverting to traditional, exclusionary discipline practices.

This user-friendly guidebook helps teachers and administrators use alternative discipline methods to create positive, meaningful, and long-term behavior shifts for students. Inside you’ll find

  • An updated alternative discipline toolkit with additional easy-to-use tools, templates, and processes
  • Methods for addressing traditional beliefs and pushback from stakeholders
  • Recommendations for bringing policy to practice
  • Case studies, examples, and lessons learned from educators in the field who successfully used the first edition
  • Examples of the 13 most suspendable offenses and the appropriate responses and interventions to help change student behavior for the long term

Organized to help educators implement alternative discipline, this updated edition frames discipline in a practical and effective way that aligns with research, changes in educational law, and—above all else—equity in school discipline.

Part 1
Chapter 1. Building a Case for Alternative Discipline
Chapter 2. Discipline Belief Self-Inventory
Who Is This Self-Inventory For?

Why Does This Self-Inventory Matter to Me?

What Are Your Current Beliefs About Discipline?

Discipline Belief Self-Inventory

Discipline Belief Self-Inventory Scoring

Chapter 3. Questions and Tips Before You Begin
Is Alternative Discipline a One-Size-Fits-All Approach?

Are Conversations About Using Alternative Discipline Difficult to Have?

How Can We Approach Discipline in This Way If We Do Not Have the Budget, Resources, and Personnel for It?

Do the Provided Alternative Discipline Examples Pertain to All Grade Levels?

Is It Harder to Approach Discipline in This Way?

When Do We Use Alternative Discipline?

Chapter 4. Alternative/Innovative Discipline
What Is Alternative/Innovative Discipline?

Part II. Case Studies on Alternative Discipline
Chapter 5. Case Studies
Alternative Discipline Case Study 1

Alternative Discipline Case Study 2

Alternative Discipline Case Study 3

Authors’ Note

Part III. Alternative Discipline Menu by Common Behavior Incidents
Chapter 6. Alternative Discipline Menu Introduction
Chapter 7. Alternative Discipline Menu


Drug/Alcohol Offense


Fire Related

Inappropriate Language

Property Damage

Repeated Classroom Disruptions

Sexual Harassment

Substitute Teacher

Technology Offense



Part IV. Bringing It All Together
Chapter 8. So What Now?
Alternative Discipline Contract

Challenge to Educators


For instructors

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