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Drafting freedom to last

Drafting freedom to last
The Magna Carta’s past and present influences

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July 2015 | SAGE Publications Ltd

In this issue of Index on Censorship magazine, authors from around the world including the former Observer literary editor Robert McCrum, and Oxford University’s Stuart White consider what clauses they would draft into a 21st century version of the Magna Carta; from Mexico a review of its constitution and its flawed justice system; Turkish novelist Kaya Genc looks at the recent intimidation against Turkish female writers and Natasha Joseph reports from Johannesburg on allegations of witchcraft in South Africa, and how people take action into their own hands. With reports from the Ukraine and Russia on the information and propaganda war, and plus new poetry and a previously unpublished play extract.

Rachael Jolley
Chapter 1: Editorial
Part I: Special Report: Magna Carta and the Cause of Freedom
Robert Mccrum, Hans-Joachim Neubauer, Danny Sriskandarajah, Rita El Khayat, Elif Shafak, Renata Avila, Ferial Haffajee, Stuart White
Chapter 2: Making a 21st-Century Magna Carta
John Crace
Chapter 3: 1215 and All That
Martin Rowson
Chapter 4: Stripsearch Cartoon
Mark Fenn
Chapter 5: Battle Royal
Ritu Menon
Chapter 6: Land and Freedom?
Peter Kellner
Chapter 7: Give Me Liberty
Duncan Tucker
Chapter 8: Constitutionally Challenged
Shahira Amin
Chapter 9: Courting Disapproval
Sue Branford
Chapter 10: Digging Into the Power System
Natasha Joseph
Chapter 11: Critical Role
Jodie Ginsberg
Chapter 12: Global View
Part II: In Focus
Andrei Aliaksandrau
Chapter 13: Brave New War
Helen Womack
Chapter 14: Propaganda War Obscures Russian Soldiers’ Deaths
Rebecca Vincent
Chapter 15: Azeri Attack
Arzu Geybullayeva
Chapter 16: The Political is Personal
Martin Rowson
Chapter 17: Really Good Omens
Simon Callow
Chapter 18: Police (In)Action
Rayma And Bonil
Chapter 19: Drawing Fire
Max Wind-Cowie
Chapter 20: Thoughts Policed
Vicky Baker
Chapter 21: Media under Siege or a Freer Press?
Kaya Genç
Chapter 22: Turkey’s “Treacherous” Women Journalists
Nargis Tashpulatova
Chapter 23: Dark Arts
Steven Borowiec
Chapter 24: Talk is Cheap
Jemimah Steinfeld
Chapter 25: Fear of Faith
Mike Godwin
Chapter 26: Time Travel to Web of the Past and Future
Part III: Culture
Chen Xiwo
Chapter 27: Language Lessons
Diane Fahey
Chapter 28: Spirit Unleashed
Hanoch Levin
Chapter 29: Diary Unlocked
John Kinsella
Chapter 30: Oz on Trial
Aimée Hamilton
Chapter 31: Index around the World
Vicky Baker
Chapter 32: Humour on Record

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ISBN: 9781473919327