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Drugs and Drug Policy

Drugs and Drug Policy
The Control of Consciousness Alteration

Second Edition

August 2013 | 688 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This engaging text provides a cross-national perspective on the use and regulation of both legal and illegal drugs. It examines and critiques drug policies in the United States and abroad in terms of their scope, goals, and effectiveness. Authors Clayton J. Mosher and Scott Akins also discuss the physiological, psychological, and behavioral effects of legal and illicit drugs; the patterns and correlates of use; and theories of the “causes” of drug use.

Chapter 1. Drug Controversies and Demonization
Chapter 2. Theories of Drug Use
Chapter 3. The Effects of Drugs: Part I
Chapter 4. The Effects of Drugs: Part II
Chapter 5. Patterns of Illegal Drug Use
Chapter 6. Patterns of Legal Drug Use
Chapter 7. Drug Prevention Programs
Chapter 8. Drug Treatment
Chapter 9. Policies Regulating Legal Drugs, Part I: Alcohol and Tobacco
Chapter 10. Policies Regulating Legal Drugs, Part II: Prescription and Performance-Enhancing Drugs and Herbal Supplements
Chapter 11. Policies Regulating Illegal Drugs
Chapter 12. Drug Policies in Other Countries and United States Influence

This book complements other readings in the area of drugs, crime and society and develops the study of policy within the guidance factors for government agencies.

Mr Martin Dorgan
MBA, University College Cork (NUI)
February 17, 2016

This is a comprehensive book written in an easy to access style. Though written very much from a U.S. standpoint there is a chapter on International drug policy.

I particularly like the Internet Exercises suggested at the end of each chapter.

Mr Scott Macpherson
The School of Nursing & Midwifery, Robert Gordon University
May 22, 2015

This is a fabulous text. It is the book I would liked to have written if I have not been beaten to it by this author. It is clear, concise and loaded with evidence and is a broad as it is deep. It steers a path away from the hackneyed formula of introduction-substances-consequences-opinion proving there is a disciplined aproach to the subject that is more than competent in identifying all the factors in the debate and in subsequent action. It has to be core text for anyone aiming to take 'substance mis/use' issues seriously. Well done....

Mr David Chaisty
Social Work , Cornwall College
November 5, 2014

This is a wonderful, eye-opening and informative step by step guide for researchers and educators in the field of drug abuse, this is awesome book and easy to read

Dr Jabulani Makhubele
Social Work, University of Limpopo
April 22, 2014

I need a text that spends more time on the nexus between drugs and crime and LE response.

Mr Michael Jenkins
Sociology, University of Central Oklahoma
November 11, 2013
Key features


  • Coverage of new trends in drug use and abuse and policies related to both legal and illegal drugs in the United States and other countries, such as the ongoing emergence of new drug "epidemics" (e.g., Salvia Divinorum, Spice/K2, "bath salts," energy drinks, and a variety of prescription drugs).
  • Coverage of the disconnect between research on marijuana and Federal policies, including the legalization in various U.S. states.
  • Coverage of drug prevention programs will now precede coverage of drug treatment programs in Chapters 7 and 8.
  • Significant updates made throughout the text.


  • Thoroughly reviews use of and regulation policies of both illegal and legal drugs, including the use of energy drinks and muscle enhancers like steroids and human growth hormones.
  • Very up to date statistics and discussions of emerging trends and policies.
  • Provides more coverage of drug policy issues than comparable books with particular attention to contrasting policies in countries around the world.
  • Coverage of drug "epidemics" for new legal and illegal drugs not found in other books on drugs.

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