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Dynamic Teachers

Dynamic Teachers
Leaders of Change

August 1995 | 176 pages | Corwin
The role of the teacher is no longer confined to the classroom or to interactions with students. The authors of this book illustrate through case studies the emerging roles of `dynamic' teachers which incorporate: seeing themselves as professionals and making a commitment to professional behaviours; challenging student thinking through appropriate questioning strategies; extending the classroom into the community, and bringing the community into the classroom; and becoming agents of change, advocating school reform.

Steven Levy
Dynamic Teachers
Introducing Their Challenges and Perspectives

The Moral Steward
Honoring Human Rights and Responsibilities

The Constructor
Making Sense of Content, Pedagogy, and Development

The Philosopher
Using Professional Commitment to Make a Difference

The Facilitator
Enacting an Inquiring Classroom

The Inquirer
Asking Critical Questions

The Bridger
Blurring the Boundaries between Communities

The Changemaker
Taking Charge of the Environment


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