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February 2009 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
Information technologies especially the internet have truly changed the way we think and do business.

Financial institutions across the world are discovering the gamut of financial services they can offer over the Internet. Connectivity, speed and convenience are the buzzwords that have pushed e-finance to become a part of our every day lives.

This interesting book traces the detail of penetration of e-finance and its use in business. It shows the potential to improve the quality and scope of financial services and expands the opportunities for trading risks. E-finance can also widen the access to financial services for a much greater set of retail and commercial clients by offering more cost effective services.

It will be of great interest to professionals and students in banking and financial services.

Whither E-Finance?
Developments in India
Which Way Should We Take?
E-Finance Products and Services
Risk Management
Insurance and E-Banking
Cyber Crimes
Network Security
Cyber Laws in E-Commerce and E-Finance
Regulatory Issues

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