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Eco-Impacts and the Greening of Postmodernity

Eco-Impacts and the Greening of Postmodernity
New Maps for Communication Studies, Cultural Studies, and Sociology

November 1996 | 328 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Eco-Impacts and the Greening of Postmodernity is one of the first books to use cultural studies to reach a deeper understanding of the significance of the ecological issues in our lives. This groundbreaking book contrasts the visible impact of the ecological crises on popular culture with the less discernible academic responses. It explores such vital questions as: Can nature survive? How do academic disciplines engage with environmental crises? And, how do we map sustainable futures? The authors, Tom Jagtenberg and David McKie, bring a body of relevant literature into the debate--that stems from both cultural and environmental issues--as well as their own multidisciplinary perspectives on the subject. Eco-Impacts and the Greening of Postmodernity provides a one-of-a-kind analysis of the impacts of the present environmental condition on culture. This volume's focus will be of special interest to students and professionals in cultural studies, popular culture, communication, and environmental studies.

The Death of Nature?
Ecological Exclusions
Mapping Disciplinary Change

Re-Addressing Postmodernity and the Eco-Post
Changing Paradigms
The Greening of Social Movements

Living in the Biosphere
Eco-Selves and De-Centered Identities

Greening Media Studies
Natural Histories and C S Theory Zones

Aligning Media
Debatable Divides and Boundary Crossings

Contours of Knowledge
Science and the Death of Economics

Decentering Cartography
Scientific Futuremaps and Ecocultural Projections


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ISBN: 9780803974074

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