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Educational Leadership

Educational Leadership
Context, Strategy and Collaboration

Edited by:

November 2011 | 312 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Drawing together current thinking and research by leading writers in the field, Educational Leadership will help you to understand and critically analyze key strategic aspects of educational leadership, including:

  • leadership perspectives and values
  • external and internal contexts
  • autonomy and accountability
  • partnership and collaboration
  • leading strategy and change

The book explores major challenges for educational leaders in managing the increasingly permeable boundary between educational organizations and their external contexts, and reconciling environmental expectations and internal priorities. It will encourage you to positively problematize the field and reflect on current debates and issues.

This book is an essential resource for providers and students of graduate courses in educational leadership and management, as well as those involved in undertaking professional development programs. It will also serve the reflective practitioner as personal reference when occupying or aspiring towards leadership roles in schools, colleges and other educational organizations.

Simon Western
An overview of the leadership discourses
Lejf Moos
From successful school leadership towards distributed leadership
Paul T. Begley
The nature and specialised purposes of educational leadership
Sam Held and Judy McKimm
Emotional intelligence, emotional labour and affective leadership
Gill Robinson Hickman
Concepts of leadership in organisational change
Brent Davies and Barbara J. Davies
The nature and dimensions of strategic leadership
Gerry Johnson, Kevan Scholes and Richard Whittington
The strategy lenses
Jean-Louis Denis, Ann Langley and Linda Rouleau
The practice of leadership in the messy world of organisation
James P. Spillane, Louis M. Gomez and Leigh Mesler
Reframing the role of organisations in policy implementation: resources for practice, in practice
Mike Wallace and Michael Tomlinson
Contextualising leader dynamics: how public service leaders endeavour to build influence
John MacBeath
Stories of compliance and subversion in a prescriptive policy environment
Katherine E. Ryan and Irwin Feller
Evaluation, accountability and performance measurement in national education systems: trends, methods and issues
David Collinson and Margaret Collinson
'Blended leadership': employee perspectives on effective leadership in the UK Further Education sector
Jacky Lumby
Leadership for diversity and inclusion
Kathryn A. Riley
Reconfiguring urban leadership: taking a perspective on community
Tessa A. Moore and Michael P. Kelly
Networks as power bases for school improvement
Anne Edwards, Ingrid Lunt and Eleni Stamou
Inter-professional work and expertise: new roles at the boundaries of schools
Beatriz Pont and David Hopkins
Approaches to system leadership: lessons learned and policy pointers
Richard Hatcher
Leadership, participation and power in the school system
Andy Hargreaves and Dennis Shirley
The fourth way

An excellent book that covers key concepts and theories of leadership. The selection of readings provides a good introduction to understand the nature of educational leadership. It is particularly relevant for students at master level who are already working in an educational settings and are willing to develop their understanding of leadership issues in theory and practice.

Dr Violeta Perez del Aguila
Department of Social Sciences, London Metropolitan University
May 27, 2015

An excellent resource for our M.Ed leadership students

Dr Anthony Koyzis
Educational Studies , University of Nicosia
January 6, 2015

This is an excellent well written book. It is written more for educators in leadership positions, but our course mainly attracts students who are clinically based educators, but are leaders in implementing curriculum content and new ways of educating. I would recommend this to any student who is higher up the managerial ladder

Mr Nick White
Education, Sheffield Hallam University
March 20, 2014

This text is particularly suited to our postgraduate course. The book provides in-depth discussion, addressing a variety of key challenges for those in or studying towards Educational Leadership.

Mrs Marie Dey
School of Education, Social Work & Community Education, Dundee University
October 1, 2013

good book but hard to complete with Hargreaves and others in this field

Professor Stephen Dobson
insitute of education, Hedmark University College
May 14, 2013

This current publication edited by Margaret Preedy is an excellent update of the Preedy et al (2003) compilation. It is particularly encouraging to see an addition of a more critical perspective on leadership provided by Richard Hatcher in chapter 19, Leadership, participation and power in the school system. Of interest to many of my students has also been Chapter 4, on emotional intelligence. Lastly, Chapter 8 on The Practice of Leadership in the Messy World of Organizations provides an very good introduction to alternative leadership discourses represented in the 'business world' by Alvesson and Sveningsson and the Critical Management Studies movement.

Mrs Agnieszka Bates
Education, Roehampton University
March 18, 2013

Accessible, liked chapter 7 perspectives.

Mrs Michelle Rogers
Centre for Early Childhood, University of Worcester
March 12, 2013

This is a good book to add to my list for the student teachers as we aim to offer a conference focus of leadership each year on the programme.
I will also recommend this to our teaching school partners as part of their CPD framework for aspiring leaders.

Mrs Catherine Carden
POINTED, Canterbury Christ Church University
March 27, 2012

a complex book that shows a depth to leadership

Mrs Karen Cooke
health and social care, Bolton Community College
March 7, 2012

This is a very useful book and address some key elements. the case studies were very useful.

Ms Yvonne Diggins
Centre for Teaching and Learning, University of Limerick
February 22, 2012

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