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Educational Research Methods

Educational Research Methods

August 2014 | SAGE Publications, Inc
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SAGE Educational Research Methods, powered by Acrobatiq, transforms how students learn and instructors teach by bringing together authoritative content from a global leader in research methods publishing with technology, data, and learning science from Acrobatiq, a learning optimization company from Carnegie Mellon University.  

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SAGE Educational Research Methods, powered by Acrobatiq, is an online course that brings together authoritative Research Methods content with technology, data, and learning science from Acrobatiq, a learning optimization company from Carnegie Mellon University.   

Based on the book Educational Research by authors R. Burke Johnson and Larry Christensen, the course includes a Learning Dashboard that will help you quickly assess students' learning and progress and adapt instruction and intervention to maximize student success.  

Students receive auto-graded practice with targeted feedback through "Did I Get This?" and "Learn By Doing” activities. Synthesis and application activities help students apply new knowledge to real-world concepts. Summative assessments ensure successful knowledge acquisition.  

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About Acrobatiq – A Carnegie Mellon Company
Acrobatiq is born out of Carnegie Mellon University’s long history of excellence in cognitive science, human-computer interaction, and software engineering. Acrobatiq, with the backing of Carnegie Mellon, focuses on evidence-based course design and strong collaborations with university researchers – which are fundamental to developing learner-centric products and services that are aligned with the needs of higher education. To learn more about the OLI, visit the Open Learning Initiative research site.

Unit 1: Course Introduction and Learning Strategies
Unit 2: Introduction to Educational Research
Unit 3: Three Major Research Approaches and Action Research
Unit 4: Planning a Research Study
Unit 5: Research Ethics
Unit 6: Standardized Measurement and Assessment
Unit 7: Data Collection
Unit 8: Techniques and Principles of Sampling
Unit 9: Validity of Research Results
Unit 10: Research Methods and Design
Unit 11: Data Analysis
Unit 12: Evaluating Research Studies
Unit 13: Writing a Research Report
Unit 14: Acknowledgments and References
Key features


  • Authoritative Content Aligned to Clear Learning Objectives developed by a team of respected subject matter experts and experienced Learning Engineers
  • 14 modules covering key topics in the education research domain
  • Data-driven Course Design enables real-time, dynamic insights into student learning
  • The Learning Dashboard.™ collects and analyzes student data for faculty to quickly assess students’ learning and progress, adapt instruction and intervention, and maximize student success
  • Ample Auto-Graded Practice With Targeted Feedback enacts instruction online, much like a human tutor
  • “Learn By Doing” and “Did I Get This” activities foster skill development in the context of how the skill will be applied in educational research
  • Synthesis and Application Activities help students apply new knowledge to real world problems, assess their own understanding of core concepts, and cultivate the skills necessary to apply classroom knowledge to situations encountered by practicing educators or researchers

Sample Materials & Chapters

ERM Efficacy Study

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