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Emergent Methods in Social Research introduces state-of-the-art social research methods that address the growing methods-theory gap within and across the disciplines. In this text, editors Sharlene Nagy Hesse-Biber and Patricia Leavy combine original, in-depth introductions, previously published articles, and original works to provide readers with a comprehensive view of new and cutting-edge research methods and methodologies.

Key Features:
  • Combines theoretical and empirical pieces: Both theoretical and methodological issues at the cutting edge of research are explored. The linking of theoretical and empirical pieces, in addition to the focus on emergent methods, makes this book highly unique to the field.
  • Focuses on two sub-topics: Emerging research techniques across disciplines and emerging methods within disciplines are examined. The scope of the work offers a very broad perspective of the possible uses and issues surrounding these techniques and methods. New methods include Listening, the Body, Auto-Ethnography, Biographical-Narrative Approach, Methodology of the Oppressed, Postcolonialism, Poststructuralism, Ethnodrama, and much more.
  • Challenges traditional ethnography: Social researchers are encouraged to question traditional forms of knowledge construction within ethnography. Theoretical insights challenge ethnographic researchers to build bridges that link new research questions with innovative ethnographic methods that can address issues of power, authority, and representation in the research process.

Intended Audience:
Perfect for graduate level Introductory and Intermediate Qualitative Research courses across the social sciences particularly Sociology, Political Science, Urban Studies, Anthropology, Communication, Social Work, and relevant Evaluation programs; as well as researchers and professionals interested in having a comprehensive view of new, cutting-edge, or alternative research methods.

Introduction: Emergent Methods in Social Research Within and Across Disciplines
Laurel Richardson
Skirting a Pleated Text: De-Disciplining an Academic Life
Trond Aren Undheim
Getting Connected: How Sociologists Can Access the High Tech Elite
Sarah Babb
A Sociologist Among Economists: Some Thoughts on Methods, Positionality, and Subjectivity
Douglas W. Maynard
Ethnography and Conversation Analysis: What Is the Context of an Utterance?
Sharon A. Deacon
Creativity Within Qualitative Research on Families: New Ideas for Old Methods
Tamlin Conner and Eliza Bliss-Moreau
Sampling Human Experience in Naturalistic Settings
Mei-Po Kwan
Feminist Visualization: Re-envisioning GIS as Method in Feminist Geographic Research
David Morgan
Practical Strategies for Combining Qualitative and Quantitative Methods: Applications to Health Research
Tami Spry
Performing Autoethnography: An Embodied Methodological Praxis
Wanda S. Pillow
Exposed Methodology: The Body as a Deconstructive Practice
Jim Mienczakowski
Ethnodrama: Performed Research—Limitations and Potential
Carol Gilligan, Renee Spencer, M. Katherine Weinberg and Tatiana Bertsch
On the Listening Guide: A Voice-Centered Relational Method
Lisa Tillmann-Healy
Friendship as Method
Niza Yanay and Nitza Berkovitch
Gender Imago
Lauri L. Hyers, Janet K. Swim, Robyn K. Mallett
The Personal is Political: Using Daily Diaries to Examine Everyday Prejudice-Related Experiences
Radhika Parameswaran
Feminist Media Ethnography in India: Exploring Power, Gender, and Culture in the Field
Conclusion: “Coming at Things Differently”: The Need for Emergent Methods
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"All of the book's chapters are written with enthusiasm and an interest to stimulate researchers to make new uses of traditional data gathering methods and/or develop new ideas."

Daunta A. Nitecki
Key features
  • provides a comprehensive reader that students and researchers can use in their scholarly and research pursuits
  • focuses on two sub-topics: Emerging Research Techniques and Emerging Methods Within the Disciplines. Both provide a wide range of new methods across and within disciplines.
  • new methods involving Listening, the Body, Auto-Ethnography, Biographical-Narrative Approach, Methodology of the Oppressed, Postcolonialism, Poststructuralism, Ethnodrama, and more

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