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Emotional Literacy at the Heart of the School Ethos

Emotional Literacy at the Heart of the School Ethos

August 2006 | 208 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
'This book will educate and enthuse teachers about emotional literacy, while providing them with a host of practical suggestions for working with children to increase awareness, understanding and control of their feelings' - Professor Neil Frude, Clinical Psychologist, Western Mail

Translating the theory of emotional literacy into a practical, whole-school approach, this book is written for teachers, psychologists and lecturers wishing to introduce and implement:

o the rationale

o the practice

o the policy development.

Drawing on his practical experience as a consultant with a special school, the author provides everything you will need to deliver a full training programme on this subject, including activities and a Powerpoint presentation on a CD-rom. His work explains the importance of considering children's emotional life in school situations and gives practical skills to help nurture children's emotional development.

Dr Steve Killick is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist who works in the NHS with young people with severe mental health problems. He has worked in both adult and child mental health and education settings and also works as a consultant and trainer for organisations and individuals. He has recently worked with Headlands School in Wales to produce an emotional literacy programme for organisational change and curriculum development.

Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Literacy
An Impulse to Act - the Nature of Emotion
The Five Pathways to Emotional Intelligence
Calmer Classrooms, Safer Schools - the Emotionally Literate School
An Emotionally Intelligent Approach to Managing Behaviour
It's All About Communication
Reflective Listening - Attending to Feelings
Encouraging Co-Operation - Motivation and Feedback
Problem-Solving Conversations
The Kindling of Curiosity: Thinking Skills
Working Together: Developing Interpersonal Skills
Reflective Practice: Reflection Before Reaction
A Frightening Conclusion

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