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Employee Engagement in Corporate Social Responsibility

Employee Engagement in Corporate Social Responsibility

October 2020 | 216 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This book offers a remarkable collection of chapters, written by the leading scholars in CSR and employee engagement. Using the existing literature, new empirical studies, case studies and thought-provoking insights, this collection of authors discuss why and how to engage employees in CSR and through CSR.

Employee engagement in Corporate Social Responsibility focuses on engaging employees in socially responsible initiatives with three major parts of the book: the antecedents that lead to employee engagement in CSR; the processes and opportunities to involve employees; and the impact of the above on employees, the company, non-profit organisations and society. This book contributes to both research and managerial practice by presenting cutting edge knowledge from leading CSR scholars and practitioners.

Part 1: Introduction
Chapter 1: Introduction to the book
Part 2: Antecedents
Chapter 2: Employee (dis)engagement in corporate social responsibility
Chapter 3: Development of employee engagement through CSR
Chapter 4: Corporate social responsibility and gender
Part 3: Processes
Chapter 5: Understanding long-term CSR engagement strategies of organisational change agents
Chapter 6: The role of communications in employee engagement in CSR: A sensemaking approach
Chapter 7: Social intrapreneurship: A new horizon for employee engagement in CSR
Part 4: Impacts
Chapter 8: Global pro bono service: results from 30 companies and communities served
Chapter 9: Attractiveness of corporate social responsibility in job choice decisions: the case of India
Chapter 10: Corporate political activism and employee responses
Part 5: Discussion
Chapter 11: Discussion and conclusion: moving forward from here

As businesses strive to transform their organisations towards sustainability and responsible management, this book provides expert strategies to achieve competitive advantages while fulfilling employee engagement opportunities. I admire the book’s organisation—antecedents, processes, and impacts. Stimulating employee engagement is on the cutting edge of successful CSR application today. Whether you are a novice or seasoned academic, researcher or practitioner, this book is appropriate for you. I strongly and enthusiastically endorse it.

Archie B. Carroll
Emeritus Professor of Management, Terry College of Business, University of Georgia, USA

Successfully engaging employees in their social responsibility programs is one of the key challenges facing responsible businesses today. In this brilliant new collection, many of the leading researchers in the field provide new ideas, evidence and insights about problems companies face and how they can go about tackling them. A timely and valuable volume for anyone interested in engaging employees in CSR.

Andrew Crane
Professor of Business and Society, University of Bath

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