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Encyclopedia of Human Development

Encyclopedia of Human Development

Three Volume Set
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October 2005 | 1 616 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The field of human development focuses on the growth and development of the human being including physical, social, psychological, and emotional development. Under the broad umbrella of the term human development you find countless topics that range from charting the emotional attachment of an infant to his or her parents and its long-term effects on well-being, media violence and adolescents' behavior, or factors moderating the natural decline in physical and mental abilities associated with aging. 

The Encyclopedia of Human Development is the first comprehensive, authoritative, and informative reference work that presents state-of-the-art research and ready-to-use facts from the fields of psychology, individual and family studies, and education in a way that is not too technical. With more than 600 entries, this three-volume Encyclopedia covers topics as diverse as adolescence, cognitive development, education, family, gender differences, identity, longitudinal research, personality development, prenatal development, temperament, and more. 

Key Features
  • Provides cross-disciplinary coverage, with contributions from experts in the fields of psychology, education, human development and family studies, and gerontology
  • Highlights classic studies and theories and provides brief biographies of notable researchers and theorists
  • Takes a lifespan approach by including several "anchor essays" that cover specific phases of development such as prenatal, infancy, childhood, adolescence, early and middle adulthood, later adulthood and aging
  • Begins with an Introduction that details the scope, rationale, and audience for the work

The cross-disciplinary field of human development is one that captures interest among and holds practical relevance for the general public as well as academia, therefore this engaging Encyclopedia will be a welcome addition to any academic or public library.  

This fine reference work on a topic of general interest presents 650 well-researched, well-written entries that expand and supplement information found in related works across disciplines. It offers explanations, definitions, brief biographies, and connections among then in a highly readable text.


"The creation of a complete and thorough review of the cross-disciplinary topic of human development is ambitious; the editor and advisory board, as well as the distinguished list of more than 650 contributors, are to be credited with realizing this goal. A wide and general audience will find much to praise in this work, beginning with the entries themselves. This set is recommended for academic and large public libraries where students and general adult readers will find it to be an excellent 'starting point'."

Sarah Watstein
Reference Books Bulletin

"College-level collections on human development must have this 3-volume set Encyclopedia of Human Development, which brings together social, psychological and physical sciences and provides an analysis of the changing world of the human condition associated with aging. The set will be a useful reference for any student of psychology or social development."

California Bookwatch
Key features
  • Cross-disciplinary coverage, with contributions from and applications to the fields of psychology, education, human development and family studies, and gerontology.
  • Highlights classic studies and theories and provides brief biographies of notable researchers and theorists.
  • A Preface/Introduction spells out the scope, rationale, and audience for the work.
  • Text entries, organized A to Z, are each followed by a brief list of Further Readings and Cross-References to other entries.
  • While entries are organized A-to-Z, an alternate table of contents ("Reader's Guide") organizes entries around themes or specific topic areas that allow readers interested in specific topics (e.g., education, physical development, cognitive development, etc.) to find relevant encyclopedia entries more easily.  
  • A general bibliography builds from the Further Reading sections of the individual entries.

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