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Ending the Cycle of Violence

Ending the Cycle of Violence
Community Responses to Children of Battered Women

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September 1994 | 320 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
"Canadian and American contributors to this book describe a wide range of programs offered to deal with the direct and indirect victims of men who batter. These include individual treatment options for children who witness the violence, parenting programs for men who batter, and prevention programs targeting high school students. For those involved in providing family services, the book is guaranteed to be both informative and thought-provoking." --John Hunsley in The Canadian Family Psychologist "There is a great deal to reflect upon in every section of the book. The chapters on assessment of children exposed to family violence, and on providing individual and group therapy for children of abused women, take up some very important issues. . . . This book is to be highly commended for its unequivocal espousal of the tenet that a child who witnesses the abuse of his or her mother is an abused child." --Chris Goddard in Child Abuse Review "This is an invaluable collection of papers that both raises awareness regarding the growing body of research that indicates the negative psychological effects domestic violence has on children even if they themselves are not the target of the violence, as well as offering practical suggestions for clinicians. It is a useful resource book for anyone working with the issue of family violence." --G. Smith in European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Although there is a growing body of research on children of battered women, there has been little practical information available on intervention with these children. Ending the Cycle of Violence is the first volume to cover the varied and complex arena of intervention with children of battered women. It provides an overview of current practices including strategies and program models. The expert contributors present a concise and accessible look into four major areas: living in a violent culture, shelters and domestic violence counseling, child protection services and the criminal justice system, and prevention and education in schools and communities. Practitioners who work with battered women and their children--shelter and domestic violence program staff, battered women's advocates, and counselors--will find this book most useful. It will also be helpful to all professionals working with children in schools, child protective services, youth programs, health and mental health agencies, institutions, group homes, and foster care settings. Ending the Cycle of Violence also provides and overview of innovations in this field that can enhance policymakers' ability to further develop services for this at-risk population.

Einat Peled, Peter G Jaffe and Jeffrey L Edleson
Myriam Miedzian
Learning to be Violent
William Arroyo and Spencer Eth
Assessment Following Violence-Witnessing Trauma
Louise Silvern, Jane Karyl and Toby Y Landis
Individual Psychotherapy for the Traumatized Children of Abused Women
Einat Peled and Jeffrey L Edleson
Process and Outcome in Small Groups for Children of Battered Women
Joan Bilinkoff
Empowering Battered Women as Mothers
David J Mathews
Parenting Groups for Men Who Batter
Honore M Hughes and Michele Marshall
Advocacy for Children of Battered Women
Joan Zorza
How Abused Women Can Use the Law To Help Protect Their Children
Carole Echlin and Larry Marshall
Child Protection Services for Children of Battered Women
Practice and Controversy  
Martha McMahon and Ellen Pence
Doing More Harm Than Good? Some Cautions on Visitation Centers
Denise Gamache and Sarah Snapp
Teach Your Children Well
Elementary Schools and Violence Prevention  
Marlies Sudermann, Peter G Jaffe and Elaine Hastings
Violence Prevention Programs in Secondary (High) Schools
David A Wolfe et al
Strategies To Address Violence in the Lives of High Risk Youth
Claudette Dumont-Smith
Aboriginal Canadian Children Who Witness and Live with Violence
Einat Peled, Peter G Jaffe and Jeffrey L Edleson

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