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Enriching Mathematics in the Primary Curriculum

Enriching Mathematics in the Primary Curriculum

Edited by:
  • Sue Pope - Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, England, UK
  • Pablo Mayorga - University of Roehampton, UK

April 2019 | 232 pages | Learning Matters

How do I enrich children's learning of primary mathematics to bring the subject to life?

This book inspires and supports you, the new and beginning teacher, to use talk-rich and open tasks that bring mathematics to life in your classroom.

  • Tried and loved practical tasks that engage and motivate
  • Supports you to create confident and resilient mathematicians in your classroom
  • Explores ways to engage children in mathematics across the primary curriculum
  • Focuses on understanding key mathematical concepts and the connections between them

Sue Pope and Suja Sivadasan
Introduction: Creating mathematicians
Abigail Gosling and Maria McArdle
1. Mathematics through exploration and play
Alison Borthwick
2. Using manipulatives in the mathematics classroom
Ruth James
3. Mathematics out and about
Jennie Pennant
4. Mathematics for all – low threshold, high ceiling
Cherri Moseley
5. Stories and mathematics
Pablo Mayorga
6. Exploiting digital technologies in mathematics
Ray Huntley
7. Games for learning mathematics
Karen Wilding
8. Using and developing mathematics skills across the curriculum
Pauline Palmer and Sarah Lister
9. Languages and mathematics
Diana Cobden
10. Art and mathematics
Tony Cotton and Helen Toft
11. Drama and mathematics
Sue Pope
12. Using the history of mathematics
Josh Lury
13. Mathematics and home
Mike Ollerton
14. Preparing for Transition to Secondary Mathematics

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