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Essential Social Psychology

Essential Social Psychology

Fourth Edition
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July 2020 | 536 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

From aggression to altruism, prejudice to persuasion, Essential Social Psychology 4e introduces students to the classic studies, the controversial debates and innovative research that define social psychology today.

It gives students what they need to know about the key areas of social psychology whilst also demonstrating its relevance  to current, real world events. New to this edition: 

  • Coverage of social neuroscience
  • Inclusion of evolutionary psychology
  • ‘Back to the Real World’ boxes which situate academic findings in the real life context of the world around you

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Chapter 1: History, Methods and Approaches
Chapter 2: Attribution
Chapter 3: Social Cognition
Chapter 4: Attitudes
Chapter 5: Social Influence
Chapter 6: Group Processes
Chapter 7: Self and Identity
Chapter 8: Prejudice
Chapter 9: Intergroup Relations
Chapter 10: Aggression
Chapter 11: Prosocial Behaviour
Chapter 12: Affiliation and Attraction
Chapter 13: Friendship and Love
Chapter 14: Applications


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The accompanying website contains:

  • Test banks that provide a diverse range of pre-written options as well as the opportunity
    to edit any question and/or insert personalized questions to effectively assess students’
    progress and understanding
  • Editable, chapter-specific PowerPoint® slides that offer complete flexibility for creating
    a multimedia presentation for the course
  • Learning objectives that help students understand focus their reading
  • Chapter summaries that reinforce the most important material
  • Multiple choice questions so that students can test and re-inforce what they have learnt
  • Mindmaps to support teaching and learning

Having endorsed this text book previously, and used it for nearly ten years, I still get asked by students if it’s still one of those books I wish I had written. This updated edition still manages to convey complicated information to students in a clear and easy to comprehend manner – so yes, it’s still one of those books I wish I’d written.

Gareth Hall
Aberystwyth University

Essential Social Psychology is precisely that -- essential. Crisp and Turner are a powerhouse team in social psychology, and this textbook reflects not only their grasp of the literature, but their passion for its findings and implications. The text is both approachable and comprehensive, a must-have for the classroom.

Gordon Hodson
Brock University

Good subject information and nicely presented.

Mrs Gemma Rose Slade
Health and Social Care, Cambourne Pool Redruth College
April 27, 2022
  • New examples and cases added which include the Westminster Bridge Attack and the #metoo movement.
  • General bringing research up to date

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Chapter 8: Prejudice

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