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Essentials of Marketing Research

Essentials of Marketing Research
Putting Research Into Practice

First Edition

January 2013 | 520 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

This exciting new text offers a hands-on, applied approach to developing the fundamental data analysis skills necessary for making better management decisions using marketing research results. Each chapter opens by describing an actual research study related to the chapter content, with rich examples of contemporary research practices skillfully drawn from interviews with marketing research professionals and published practitioner studies. Clow and James explore the latest research techniques, including social media and other online methodologies, and they examine current statistical methods of analyzing data. With emphasis on how to interpret marketing research results and how to use those findings to make effective management decisions, the authors offer a unique learning-by-doing approach to understanding data analysis, interpreting data, and applying results to decision-making.  

Covering key statistical concepts, the book includes exercises especially designed to teach students how to interpret and apply marketing research results. To make teaching and learning easier, numerous data sets and case studies are offered through the online resources for instructors and students, which also offer step-by-step SPSS instructions. In addition, the easy-to-follow composition of the text and its accompanying learning aids make it an excellent choice for online courses as well as those taught face-to-face.

Plus a blog with additional material to help you succeed in the classroom!-

1. The Role of Marketing Research
2. The Marketing Research Process
3. Secondary Research
4. Qualitative Research
5. Observation Research
6. Experimental Research
7. Survey Research
8. Sampling Procedures
9. Measurement Methods
10. Marketing Scales
11. Questionnaire Design
12. Fundamental Data Analysis
13. Analysis of Differences and Regression Analysis
14. Market Research Reports and Presentations

“Strengths: well written, comprehensive, easy to read, covers all the major topics. I like it as is!”

Sanjay Mehta
Sam Houston State University - Huntsville

“The book definitely meets my teaching style and needs. I really do think the book will complement what I and other applied marketing researchers are trying to accomplish.”

William Hauser
University of Akron - Akron

Did not receive timely response to inquiry.

Dr Carol Graham
Communication Dept, Flagler College
June 27, 2019

Very practicle book and easy to understand. I found new and interesting approaches to market research.

Mr Ilyas Khan
International Business, Heilbronn University of Applied Sci's
February 10, 2015

I believe this is a very good textbook and I strongly recommend it to the module leaders of Research methods for adoption.

Dr Nikolaos Stylos
Marketing, Innovation, Leisure and Enterprise , Wolverhampton Univ.
September 6, 2014

Good book, easy to follow, will be recommending this book as additional reading.

Dr Joseph Vella
cor, University of Malta
April 8, 2014
Key features
  • Recent real life marketing research examples offer a better understanding of how research results guide decision making.
  • An emphasis on current and traditional research practices demonstrate the ways practitioners use research techniques to analyze, interpret, and report results.
  • A Dealing with Data section, supplemented with step-by-step instructions for running analyses in SPSS on the Web, gives readers practice in interpreting and applying results to marketing decisions, while a Stat Review section helps readers make the connection between statistical theory and the practical uses of statistics.
  • The “Lakeside Grill” comprehensive case gives readers an extended example of research implementation, including the potential trade-offs, difficulties, and flaws that can occur during the research process.
  • A Research Portfolio section provides readers with challenging opportunities to apply chapter knowledge, honing both critical thinking and secondary research skills.
  • The password-protected Instructor Teaching Site includes:
    • numerous data sets, one of which features the “Lakeside Grill” continuing case.
    • step-by-step SPSS instructions and other helpful resources
    • test bank, PowerPoint slides, video links, and more!

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