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Experimental Design and the Analysis of Variance

Experimental Design and the Analysis of Variance

April 1997 | 208 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Why is this Book a Useful Supplement for Your Statistics Course?

Most core statistics texts cover subjects like analysis of variance and regression, but not in much detail. This book, as part of our Series in Research Methods and Statistics, provides you with the flexibility to cover ANOVA more thoroughly, but without financially overburdening your students.

The Basics of Experimental Design
An Example and Some Basic Statistical Ideas
One Way Analysis of Variance
Contrasts and Effects:
Comparing Treatments

Analyzing More than One Factor
Repeated Measures Analysis of Variance
From Statistics to Substantive Theory

"This book provides clear and comprehensive coverage of the concepts behind ANOVA as well as its technical implementation. It emphasizes facilitating students' intuitive and common-sense understanding of the concepts before delving into computation, an emphasis that is unique in comparison with many published texts...This will greatly facilitate both teaching and learning in statistics/methodology."

Stacey Prince
University of Washington

Sage College Publishing

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