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Exploring Rural Medicine

Exploring Rural Medicine
Current Issues and Concepts

Edited by:
  • Barbara P. Yawn - University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, USA
  • Angeline Bushy - University of Utah School of Medicine and School of Nursing, University of Utah, USA
  • Roy A. Yawn - Private Practice, Rochester

October 1993 | 332 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Physicians in rural settings are often called upon to treat a wide range of problems for which they have limited training due to a lack of technological, nursing, and consultant resources. Exploring Rural Medicine serves as an indispensable reference for health practitioners who face uniquely rural concerns in health promotion, care of illnesses, and professional practice issues. Among the topics explored are high-risk obstetrics, women's health, mental health, environmental hazards, AIDS, terminal illness, and patient education strategies. This volume also discusses professional issues such as cultural awareness, ethical problems, quality assessment, and malpractice. Written by experts in a variety of fields who have rural medical experience, Exploring Rural Medicine is essential reading for the rural physician, students considering rural practice, and mid-level rural practitioners such as nurses and physician assistants. "The topics addressed in the book reflect [the authors'] enthusiasm and experiences, ranging from the prevention of teenage pregnancy to the care of terminally ill patients with cancer. . . . The book deals with important problems and issues and is shaped by the real-world experience of the authors. . . . Rural practitioners will enjoy picking up this book and comparing their approaches and insights with those of the authors." --The New England Journal of Medicine "[Exploring Rural Medicine] has the potential to fill an important niche; support materials for the rural physician. . . . Despite its length it is an 'easy read.' It is well written with an eveness of style and quality almost impossible to achieve with so many authors." --Michael E. Samuels, The University of South Carolina "Exploring Rural Medicine seems perfect for medical students or residents doing a rural rotation. I also recommend it to any family physician or other health professional interested in exploring rural medicine." --Christopher T. Patricoski in The Journal of the American Board of Family Practice

Barbara P Yawn
Rural Medical Practice
Present and Future

Charles S Field and Barbara P Yawn
Labor and Delivery Crises
Rural Solutions

Theodore R Thompson
Stabilization and Transport of the Ill Newborn Infant
John J McNamara and Nancy N Hoogenhous
Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia
After the Infant Goes Home

Carolyn McKay
Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder
Daniel D Broughton
Recognition and Evaluation of Child Abuse
Barbara P Yawn and Roy A Yawn
Adolescent Pregnancies in Rural America
A Review of the Literature and Strategies for Prevention

Lawrence P Peterson
Common Mental Health Problems
Barbara P Yawn
Environmental Hazards
David M Larson
Managing Trauma in the Rural Emergency Department
Basic Organization

David M Larson
Managing Trauma in the Rural Emergency Department
Specific Problems

Roy A Yawn
Treatment of Acute Myocardial Infarction with Thrombolytic Drugs in the Rural Hospital
Cheri L Olson
Women's Health Issues
Richard D Simon Jr
Caring for the AIDS Patient in a Rural Practice
Wayne H Thalhuber
Treatment of Patients with Terminal Cancer
Norma Wylie
Caring for Dying Patients and Their Families
Paul S Frame
Health Maintenance in Clinical Practice
Strategies and Barriers

Patricia A Gibson and Claudia J Kapp
Patient Education in the Rural Practice
Barbara P Yawn and Angeline Bushy
Making Your Practice Palatable for Your Patients
Cultural Competency

Angeline Bushy and J Randall Rauh
Ethics Dilemmas in Rural Practice
Peter G Harper, Charles E McCoy and Angeline Bushy
Quality Assessment in Rural Practice
J Randall Rauh and Angeline Bushy
Living Through Malpractice Litigation

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ISBN: 9780803948525

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