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Facing Difference

Facing Difference
Race, Gender, and Mass Media

January 1997 | 312 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

For use on race and gender courses offered in schools and departments of communication and journalism as well as women's studies. This anthology covers a wide range of topics, groups, and issues, and has been specifically edited for undergraduate students. Includes articles from the popular press and from academic sources. Introductions by the editors frame each section, and headnote and questions are included with each article. Biagi and Kern-Foxworth are master teachers of media courses on race and gender issues and their classroom and publishing experience is evident in every section.

Facing Ourselves
How the Media Reflect Who We Are

Facing the Language
Words as Weapons

Facing the News
What Do You See?

Facing the Boss
Power at Work

Facing the Audience
Discovering New Markets

Facing the Future
Important Issues for the 21st Century


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ISBN: 9780803990944