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Families and the Mental Health System for Children and Adolescents

Families and the Mental Health System for Children and Adolescents
Policy, Services, and Research

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March 1996 | 272 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The family plays both direct and indirect roles in the formal mental health services sector, from determining whether and when a child enters treatment to providing the context within which all therapeutic gains are played out. Providing a much-needed analysis, the contributors to this volume examine a myriad of policy, research, and practice issues related to families of children with serious emotional disorders. Families and the Mental Health System for Children and Adolescents considers issues including characteristics and service strategies for family-centered service delivery, the role that society can play in strengthening the family and preventing child and youth emotional disorders, the supports for and barriers inhibiting parent-professional partnerships, the complexities of assessing family functioning, and culturally sensitive service delivery. Throughout this timely volume, the contributors take into account the complexity and diversity of families today and the consequent impact on service delivery at the societal and policy levels. An important resource, Families and the Mental Health System for Children and Adolescents critically examines an issue of interest to practitioners, researchers, and students in evaluation, family studies, developmental psychology, public policy, and social work.

Sheila A Pires and Beth A Stroul
Family Issues in Health Care Reform
Richard W Hunter and Barbara J Friesen
Family-Centered Services for Children with Emotional, Behavioral or Mental Disorders
George W Albee and Silvia Sara Canetto
A Family-Focused Model of Prevention
Mary C Telesford
Implementing Community Mental Health Programs
Lessons Learned from the Mental Health Initiative for Urban Children  
Diane T Marsh
Families of Children and Adolescents with Serious Emotional Disturbance
Innovations in Theory, Research and Practice  
Craig Anne Heflinger and Leonard Bickman
Family Empowerment
A Conceptual Model for Promoting Parent-Professional Partnership  
Joan M Patterson
Family Research Methods
Issues and Strategies  
Bernard L Bloom
The Colorado Family Assessment
A Computer-Based Procedure for Multilevel Family Evaluation  
James L Mason, Marva P Benjamin and Sarah A Lewis
The Cultural Competence Model
Implications for Child and Family Mental Health Services  
Ellen E Pinderhughes
Alternate Paths to Family Status and Implications for Mental Health Service Delivery and Policy
Adoptive and Foster Families  
Carolyn E Cutrona et al
Mental Health Services for Rural Children, Youth and Their Families

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