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Federal Regulatory Directory

Federal Regulatory Directory

14th Edition

December 2009 | 878 pages | CQ Press

After more than a decade, the Federal Regulatory Directory (FRED) continues to offer a clear path through the maze of complex federal agencies and regulations, providing to-the-point analysis of regulations. Information-packed profiles of more than 100 federal agencies and departments detail the history, structure, purpose, actions, and key contacts for every regulatory agency in the U.S. government. Now updated with an improved searching structure, FRED continues to be the leading reference for understanding federal regulations, providing a richer, more targeted exploration than is possible by cobbling together electronic and print sources. 

FRED’s features include the following: 

  • A clear picture of the arrangement of economic, environmental, safety, health, and other regulatory agencies
  • Comprehensive narratives detailing the history and current issues facing the major regulatory agencies as well as information on major regulatory legislation.
  • Up-to-date contact information for all offices listed and profiles of regulatory officials.
  • An introduction that clearly explains the purposes, development, implementation, and oversight of federal regulation.
  • A thematic finding aid that allows users to browse regulatory organizations by subject of regulation.

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