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Four Volume Set
Edited by:
  • Klaus Dodds - Royal Holloway, University of London, UK

November 2009 | 1 600 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This major reference collection highlights the contested and diverse nature of geopolitics and charts the controversial intellectual history of the field. Coined by the Swedish author, Rudolf Kjellén, the term 'geopolitics' highlights the role that territory, resources and boundaries play in shaping global political relations. The collection brings together work from international relations, political science, history, geography and law into a definitive collection that covers three dimensions of the geopolitical:

  • 'Classic geopolitics' examines the impact of physical geography on political actions
  • 'Critical geopolitics', a parallel strand to the 'classical' tradition, challenges the notion of geography as a passive backdrop to international affairs and examines the socially constructed nature of geographical claims
  • 'Popular geopolitics' looks at geopolitics as it has been presented outside of the formal academic arena, for example in popular journals such as Life or Reader's Digest

Part 1: Classical Geopolitics
The New Geopolitics: A critique Lewis Alexander
The Pentagon's New Map Thomas Barnett
Race Contra Space: The conflict between German geopolitik and national socialism Mark Bassin
Geography Versus Geopolitics Isaiah Bowman
Geopolitical Thinking in Latin America John Child
A New Map of Global Geopolitical Equilibrium: A developmental approach Saul Cohen
Lost Geographers: Power games and the circulation of ideas within Francophone political geographies Juliet Fall
Political Geography in the Modern World Richard Hartshorne
Why Geopolitik? Karl Haushofer
Defence of German Geopolitics Karl Haushofer
Geopolitics, Generals and the State in Brazil Leslie Hepple
Persuasive Cartography in 'Geopolitik' and National Socialism G. Henrik Herb
The Clash of Civilizations Samuel Huntington
Global Strategic Views Stephen Jones
Power and Weakness Robert Kagan
Closed Space and Political Practice: Frederick Jackson Turner and Halford Mackinder G. Kearns
The Sources of Soviet Conduct George Kennan
The Origins and Evolution of Geopolitics Ladis Kristof
The Geographical Pivot of History Halford Mackinder
Part 1: Classical Geopolitics (Continued)
The Territorial Growth of States Friedrich Ratzel
Geopolitics and Geography in Japan Re-Examined Keiichi Takeuchi
Geopolitics and Political Geography Edvard Thermaenius
Geographical Science in Germany During the Period 1933-1945 Carl Troll and Eric Fischer
Political Geography and Geopolitics: A recurrence of American geopolitics O. Vitkovskiy
Part 2: Critical Geopolitics
Biometric Borders: Governing mobilities in the War on Terror Louise Amoore
Between Regions: Science, militarism and American geography from World War to Cold War Tervor Barnes and Matthew Farish
The Uncertain State(s) of Europe Luiza Bialasiewicz
Planetary Geopolitics Neville Brown
The Biopolitics of Security: Oil, empire and the sports utility vehicle David Campbell
Whose World, Whose Order? Spatiality, geopolitics and the limits of the world order concept Sanjay Chaturvedi and Joe Painter
US Statecraft and the US-Mexico Border as Security-Economy Nexus Mathew Coleman
Critical Geopolitics: Discourse, difference and dissent Simon Dalby
The Environment as Geopolitical Threat: Reading Robert Kaplan's 'coming anarchy' Simon Dalby
Locating Critical Geopolitics Klaus Dodds and James Sidaway
A Feminist Geopolitics? Lorraine Dowler and Joanne Sharp
Terror and Territory Stuart Elden
Cities and the War on Terror Stephen Graham
The Angel of Iraq: Paradise and progress Derek Gregory
The Black Flag: Guantanamo Bay and the space of exception Derek Gregory
Part 2: Critical Geopolitics (Continued)
Torture and the Ticking Bomb: The war on terrorism as a geographical imagination of power/knowledge Matthew Hannah
The Revival of Geopolitics Leslie Hepple
Mind the Gap: Bridging feminist and political geography through geopolitics Jennifer Hyndman
Alexander Dugin: Geopolitics and neo-fascism in post-Soviet Russia Alan Ingram
Homeland Insecurities: Reflections on language and space Amy Kaplan
An Illustration of Geographical Warfare: Bombing the dikes on the Red River, North Vietnam Yves Lacoste
For Ethnography in Political Geography: Experiencing and reimagining the Ferghana Valley boundary closures Nick Megoran
Is there a Politics to Geopolitics? Alexander Murphy, Mark Bassin, David Newman, Paul Reuber and John Agnew
Geopolitical Fantasies, National Strategies and Ordinary Russians in the Post-Communist Era John O'Loughlin
The Language and Nature of the 'New' Geopolitics: The case of US-El Salvador relations Gearóid Ó Tuathail
Geopolitics and Discourse: Practical geopolitical reasoning in American foreign policy Gearóid Ó Tuathail and John Agnew
Generations and the 'Development' of Border Studies Anssi Paasi
The Siren Song of Geopolitics: Towards a Gramscian account of the Iraq War Darel Paul
Neoliberal Geopolitics Susan Roberts, Anna Secor and Matthew Sparke
Scales of Terror and the Resort to Geography: September 11, October 7 Neil Smith
Part 3: Popular Geopolitics
Torture and the Ethics of Photography Judith Butler
Cultural Governance and Pictorial Resistances: Reflections on the imaging of war David Campbell
Film, Geopolitics and the Affective Logics of Intervention Sean Carter and Derek McCormack
Part 3: Popular Geopolitics (Continued)
The Tyranny of the Serial: Popular geopolitics, the nation and comic book discourse Jason Dittmer
Licensed to Stereotype: Popular geopolitics, James Bond and the spectre of Balkanism Klaus Dodds
Just war and Extraterritoriality: The popular geopolitics of the United States' war on Iraq as reflected in newspapers of the Arab world Ghazi-Whalid Falah, Colin Flint and Virginie Mamadouh
'We Sing Our Home, We Dance Our Land': Indigenous self-determination and contemporary geopolitics in Australian popular music Chris Gibson
The Abject Artefacts of Memory: Photographs from Cambodia's genocide Rachel Hughes
Geopolitics and the 'Vision Thing': Regarding Britain and America's first nuclear missile Fraser MacDonald
11 September and Popular Geopolitics: A study of websites run for and by Dutch Moroccans Virginie Mamadouh
Mapping the Mythical: A geopolitics of national sporting stereotypes Hugh O'Donnell
Radio Geopolitics: Broadcasting, listening and the struggle for acoustic apaces Alasdair Pinkerton A and Klaus Dodds
Digitized Virtuosity: Video war games and post 9/11 cyber-deterrence Marcus Power
Towards a Feminist Counter-Geopolitics: Gender, space, and Islamist politics in Istanbul Anna Secor
Hegemony, Popular Culture and Geopolitics: The Reader's Digest and the construction of danger Joanne Sharp
The Tears of Portugal: Empire, identity, race and destiny in Portuguese geopolitical narratives James Sidaway and Marcus Power
Political Geographies of Globalization (3): resistance Matthew Sparke
An Aesthetics of Fear: The 7/7 London bombings, the sublime and Cynthia Weber

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