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Getting Your Book Published

Getting Your Book Published

Volume: 10

September 1993 | 146 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
"Many useful insights into the publishing process. . . . This book does provide an aspiring author with an excellent basic overview of the publishing system and how it works to serve both authors and publishers. It speaks to the 'business of publishing' by offering concrete examples. . . . The chapter on 'writing a book' is full of useful guidelines on what constitutes a publishable book, including edited works and those derived from dissertations. . . . The sample book proposal contained in this book is invaluable for any author, including those who may have prepared such presentations in the past--and especially for those who have not presented a book for publication. The chapter on 'the publishing contract' contains much that will dispel the mystery associated with this document; it also advises the author as to which portions of the contract are negotiable and which usually are not. . . . The authors are right on target when they urge authors to view the 'author/publisher relationship as a partnership' that builds lasting ties between the two parties. . . . Especially useful is the chapter on 'the production process' and the schematic drawings illustrating the sequence of the various steps in that process. . . . The 'marketing' chapter makes a valuable distinction between trade, text, and scholarly books. . . . This book is recommended for authors of professional and scientific works for its careful and comprehensive analysis of the publishing process as it applies to them. . . Scholarly authors should read the book and will profit from doing so." --Publishing Research Quarterly "If you are thinking about or planning on writing a book, I heartily recommend that you read this one. The authors are members of the Editorial Acquisitions and Production Staff of Sage Publications and obviously know whereof they speak. They take the reader through all of the steps of publication from the initial idea to helping with the marketing and provide what sounds to be like insider advice." --Academic Bookshelf Your colleague down the hall just had her book accepted by a respected publisher based upon a 3-page outline. You have been writing your magnum opus for a decade and have only a wall full of publisher's rejections to show for it. What are you doing wrong? Getting Your Book Published is a practical guide for scholars and other professionals to the ins and outs of the academic and professional book publishing world. It will help you determine whether your idea can be turned into a book, how to find the right publisher and convince them to publish your work, and how to evaluate a contract and work with your editor. It outlines the production process and explains how you can help the publisher provide the most effective marketing possible. Sample proposals, letters, and other tools will help you get a foot in the door . . . so that the next book published is yours.

The Business of Publishing
So You Want to Write a Book
Finding the Right Publisher
Preparing a Book Prospectus
The Review Process
The Publishing Contract
Getting the Most Out of Your Editor
The Production Process
Marketing Your Book
Twenty Common Publishing Problems and How to Solve Them

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ISBN: 9780803954182