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Global Civil Society 2005/6

Global Civil Society 2005/6

First Edition
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November 2005 | 504 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
'This fifth Global Civil Society Yearbook continues the intellectual shaping of an emerging global civil society. As the Global Call for Action on Poverty, G-Cap, makes its voice heard under the whiteband symbol, this analysis of current issues of migration, climate change and UN reform, with a focus on gender and social movements, provides a timely intellectual resource to strengthen shared commitments'

- Mary Robinson

'These annual volumes have themselves become an occasion for enacting global civil society: each Yearbook is a project that involves hundreds of people around the world in various ways… and they often fight it out around divergent understandings of critical issues. This volume enters the extreme zones we face today - the growing injustices which increasingly are only addressed by global civil society actors, but also the powerful innovations brought about by new technologies that can construct whole new global spaces for global civil society'

- Saskia Sassen

'It is increasingly difficult to recall memorable analyses of international social movements before GCS. But after half a decade each annual issue is not only a magnum opus but is also definitive, distinctive & comparative. The study of global civil society can never be the same!'

- Timothy M Shaw, Professor of Commonwealth Governance & Development & Director, Institute of Commonwealth Studies, School of Advanced Study, University of London

The annual Global Civil Society Yearbooks provide an indispensable guide to global civil society or civic participation and action around the world. Each yearbook includes commissioned contributions from leading commentators across the social sciences on the latest issues and developments. Each yearbook also explores and presents the latest approaches to measuring and analyzing global civil society and provides a chronology of key global civil society events in the year.

The 2005/6 Yearbook explores the role of gender in global civil society and investigates the core issues of labour migration, climate change and UN reform. In part three, contributions consider the impact of social forums and wireless technology, as well as reviewing the discussion of networks from the 2004/5 Yearbook.

Illustrated throughout with summaries, maps, figures, tables and photographs and encompassing regular features such as updates on previous editions and the annual data reports, the Global Civil Society Yearbook remains the standard work on all aspects of contemporary global civil society for activists, practitioners, students and academics alike. It is essential reading for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the key actors, forms and manifestations of global civil society around the world today.

Marlies Glasius, Mary Kaldor and Helmut Anheier  
Jude Howell
Gender and Civil Society
Chico Whitaker, Boaventura de Sousa Santos and Bernard Cassen
The World Social Forum
Where Do We Stand and Where Are We Going?  
Peter Newell
Climate for Change? Civil Society and the Politics of Global Warming
Meghnad Desai with Fiona Holland and Mary Kaldor
The Movement of Labour and Global Civil Society
Richard Falk
Reforming the United Nations
Global Civil Society Perspectives and Initiatives  
Marlies Glasius and Jill Timms
Social Forums
Radical Beacon or Strategic Infrastructure?  
Hagai Katz and Helmut Anheier
Global Connectedness
The Structure of Transnational NGO Networks  
Manuel Castells et al
Electronic Communication and Socio-Political Mobilization
A New Form of Civil Society  
Helmut Anheier and Hagai Katz
Learning from History? Comparative Historical Methods and Researching Global Civil Society

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