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Global Issues 2022 Edition

Global Issues 2022 Edition
Selections from CQ Researcher

2022 Edition
Edited by:

September 2021 | 424 pages | CQ Press
CQ Researcher’s Global Issues offers an in-depth and nuanced look at a wide range of today’s most pressing issues. The 2022 Edition of this annual reader looks at new topics that peak student interest that are relevant in today's current events, with reports ranging from international development aid, the natural gas industry, and The Abraham Accords. And because it’s CQ Researcher, the reports are expertly researched and written. Each chapter identifies the key players, explores what’s at stake, and offers the background and analysis necessary to understand how past and current developments impact the future of each issue.

Annotated Contents
Jonathan Broder
1. The New Arms Race
Kerry Dooley Young
2. Medical Tourism
Bara Vaida
3. Pandemic Preparedness
Zarrín Caldwell
4. U.S. Foreign Aid
Rachel Layne
5. Supply Chains at Risk
Jonathan Broder
6. China Rising
Sara Toth Stub
7. The Natural Gas Industry
Lorna Collier
8. K-pop
Bill Wanlund
9. Global Protests Movements
Jonathan Broder
10. The Abraham Accords
Val Ellicott
11. Immigration Overhaul
Sara Toth Stub
12. Targeted Killings
Jonathan Broder
13. Child Trafficking
Reed Karaim
14. Fuel Efficiency Standards
Sarah Glazer
15. Zoonotic Diseases
Sara Toth Stub
16. The Future of Meat

Current; well documented; provides a wide range of issues; great for introducing critical thinking about issues impacting my students either directly or indirectly, challenging.

Dr Dennis Lambries
Social Science, Newberry College
October 10, 2022
Key features


  • All selections are brand new and explore some of today’s most significant global issues, including:
    • pandemic preparedness,
    • international development aid,
    • the natural gas industry,
    • China rising,
    • the Abraham Accords,
    • and more!         


  • Chapters follow a consistent organization, beginning with a summary of the issue, then exploring a number of key questions around the issue, next offering background to put the issue into current context, and concluding with a look ahead.       
  • A pro/con debate box in every chapter offers readers the opportunity to critically analyze and discuss the issues by exploring a debate between two experts in the field.     
  • All issues include a chronology, a bibliography, photos, charts, and figures to offer readers a more complete picture of the issue at hand.

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