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Global Perspectives of Early Childhood Education

Global Perspectives of Early Childhood Education
Valuing Local Cultures

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November 2022 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This textbook takes an innovative approach to international perspectives. Rather than focussing on themes with a limited number of comparative case studies throughout as the key competitors do, this proposal is split into two halves which I believe will provide students with a more in-depth knowledge of education in other countries. While the first half of the book covers a range of chapters which are case studies on different countries contributed by experts who live and/ or research there, the second half offers a coverage of key themes in ECE which are often covered on international modules and across degrees.

Part 1: Early Childhood Education in a Range of Countries
Rachel Maranto
Chapter 1: Early Childhood Education in Afghanistan
Catrina Luz Aniere, Sandra Wooltorton and Diane Boyd
Chapter 2: Kids on Country: An Indigenous Programme in Australia
Naiara Unzurrunzaga Martínez and Lidia Cerqueira
Chapter 3: Early Childhood Education for Indigenous Children in Brazil
Cristian Fabbi, Tarja Karlsson Häikiö and Emem E. Okon
Chapter 4: Early Childhood Development and Education in The Kingdom of Eswatini
Naomi McLeod, Diane Garrison, Monika Quarcoo and Dominika Zbyl
Chapter 5: Early Childhood Education in Ghana
Julia Morgan and Tumendelger Sengedorj
Chapter 6: Early Childhood Education for Nomadic Children in Mongolia
Kishore Shrestha, Babu Kaji and Angela Daly
Chapter 7: Early Childhood Education and Development in Nepal
Emem E. Okon
Chapter 8: Early Childhood Education in Nigeria
Tarja Karlsson Häikiö, Pigga Keskitalo and Liisa Lohilahti
Chapter 9: Early Childhood Education for Indigenous Sámi Children of Finland
Julia Morgan
EChapter 10: arly Childhood Education and Care for Syrian Refugee Children in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey
Part 2: Pedagogical Themes
Chapter 11: Democratic Learning: Participation and Children’s Rights
Chapter 12: Playful Learning
Chapter 13: Identity and a Sense of Belonging
Chapter 14: Outdoor Learning Environments
Chapter 15: Learning at Home and in the Community
Chapter 16: School Readiness and Formal Learning
Chapter 17: Culturally Respectful Professional Development

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