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Global Social Policy

Global Social Policy
International Organizations and the Future of Welfare

December 1997 | 272 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Global Social Policy looks at the impact of the globalization process on social policy. National social policy is increasingly determined by global economic competition and international organizations. Its substance is becoming more transnational and now has to be understood in terms of global social redistribution, social regulation, social provision, and empowerment. This book examines trends in global inequity and summarizes the diverse experiences of different welfare regimes across the world. The authors review the social policies of international organizations such as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, UN agencies, and the European Union, and show them to be engaged in heated controversy regarding the future for welfare. They argue that this concealed global discourse needs to be brought into an accountable arena. Global Social Policy will be invaluable reading for students and academics in social policy, international relations, political science, and development studies.

Globalism and the Study of Social Policy
The State of the World's Welfare
The Social Policy of Global Actors
International Organizations and the Making of Post-Communist Social Policy
Non-Governmental Organizations and Global Social Policy in Conditions of Conflict
The Prospects for Global Social Policy

`Global Social Policy is a stimulating, innovative and well-researched book. Moreover, given the current crisis in the global economy and its implications for world poverty, it is timely as well. By bringing the usually disparate themes of globalisation and social policy together, Bob Deacon and his collaborators have given us much more than the sum of the parts' - The Journal of Development Studies

`There is a lot of good material in this book. The detailed case studies offer real depth in reviewing the process of social policy `transition' in former Soviet-type regimes. The survey of policy-making within the major international agencies offers real insights. The attempt to get beyond comparative social policy conventions to generate an index of changing patterns of real global welfare is a welcome corrective to more traditional approaches. Indeed, much of the book is rewardingly counter-intiutive' - Social Policy

`It can be said that the study by Deacon, Hulse and Stubbs is the most interesting and comprehensive answer so far produced by the economic globalization debate. It is to be hoped that this book will influence not only academic discussion but also political developments' - International Social Security Review

`This is the first book which comprehensively seeks to establish a global perspective on social welfare, particularly in assessing the extent to which international organisations currently act as a counterpart to market forces, and could so to a much greater degree in future. Its scope is thus ambitious, and sets an impressive standard to follow. Quite simply, for anyone with an interest in contemporary social policy, this book is a `must'. The book pleasingly communicates its complex tale in a clear way, with the authors acting as friendly guides through the maze' - Community Development Journal

`It is a pioneering effort which brings together and synthesizes literature relvant to transnational social policy drawn from the field of social policy, international relations, development studies and the activities of the United Nations and other IGOs in the economic and social arena....The case studies offer a practical illustration of and insight into the processes of transnational policy-making. Essentially, then, this book is an introduction to an important and hitherto uncharted area of social policy and one that is likely to be of growing interest. And that is no mean contribution' - International Social Work

I will recomend this book to my students. I particularly like chapter one which discusses how to approach the study of social(public) policy in the global era. The book will providesome of the basic concepts and discussions for the introductory sessions of the course.

Dr Ana Dinerstein
Social and Policy Sciences, Bath University
July 12, 2011

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