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Globalization of Legal Services and Regulatory Reforms

Globalization of Legal Services and Regulatory Reforms
Perspectives and Dynamics from India

First Edition
  • Rupa Chanda - Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, India
  • Pralok Gupta - Associate Professor, Centre for WTO Studies, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi

June 2015 | 228 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd

This book brings out the need to organize the Indian legal sector for greater competition against the backdrop of the changing economic realities in India and around the globe.

It argues that the primary issue facing this sector is not just that of liberalization and providing access to foreign firms, but also the weaknesses and regulatory gaps that affect its global competitiveness. Highlighting the prevailing dynamics, the book focuses on the regulatory challenges and perceptions surrounding the legal sector’s liberalization in a developing economy such as India.

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Globalization and Regulation of Professional Services
Trade in Legal Services: Past and Present Trends
Regulatory Environment for Legal Services: A Cross-country Analysis
Legal Services in India
Political Economy of Liberalization: Stakeholders’ Views
A Roadmap for Reforms
About the Authors

A pathbreaking study of the legal services industry in India, which addresses the central policy question: what needs to be done to make this sector globally competitive? A must-read for anyone interested in the future of India’s legal services sector.

Shankar Acharya
Former Chief Economic Adviser to the Government of India

Trade in services is an increasingly important component of world trade. Careful examination of its potential and the restrictions imposed on it are essential. This study of legal services is an important contribution that will serve as a model for studies of other tradeable services.

Jagdish Bhagwati
University Professor, Columbia University

[This book] fills a much needed analytical space in the discussion of Indian services sectors, especially professional services…a comprehensive treatment that investigates the fundamental linkages of domestic regulation, domestic industry conditions, institutional features and the political economy and its relation to trade policy and trade negotiations was missing.

Foreign Trade Review,
Volume 51 (Issue 1), February 2016

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