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Government and Politics in New York State

Government and Politics in New York State

October 2017 | 48 pages | CQ Press

New York Politics, written by Craig Burnett, provides students with an engaging exploration of the historical and behavioral evolution of New York politics. This brief chapter supplement assists instructors looking to fulfill the New York state legislative mandate for student competency on the New York Constitution. Students will explore colonial and machine politics, New York’s present-day political institutions, policymaking, a primer of New York’s political geography, and more!


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Key features
This is a brief chapter on NY State Politics.  The goal of the chapter is to support any American Government book that needs additional, up-to-date coverage on this important topic.  The chapter is sold as part of a custom insert into our books; it's not sold standalone (though we needed to set it up as s/a for our system).  Craig Burnett is an Assistant Professor at Hofstra University who teaches both American Government and State Government. He knows how urgent it is that he and colleagues have state-specific data and wants to provide the most up-to-date information to support our book content.

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