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Handbook of Asian American Psychology

Handbook of Asian American Psychology

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November 1999 | 600 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
With the landmark publication of the Handbook of Asian American Psychology, professionals, students, and researchers now have a handy reference on topics that are germane to the understanding of Asian Americans. In recent years, the Asian American population has seen an explosion not only in size but also in diversity. As a result, the research and literature has reflected this explosion with a mass of new material presented in various journals on different Asian American subgroups. However, much of these research articles focus too narrowly on one subgroup, on disparate topics, and are published in varied disciplinary journals. Until now, there hasnÆt been a single-volume resource that integrates descriptions and evaluations of current research on all ethnic subgroups of Asian Americans. The Handbook of Asian American Psychology stands alone as the most comprehensive handbook on Asian Americans. A select group of prominent scholars and clinicians focus on a wide range of topics, including: + Racism + Family violence + Addictive behaviors + Interracial marriage + Academic achievement and performance + Interpersonal relations + Career development + Mental health services and treatment This bold new handbook provides insights into the diverse and varied nature of Asian American cultures and communication and makes a distinguished contribution to the body of knowledge on Asian Americans. It will be highly valued by professionals, students, and academics in ethnic studies, psychology, clinical and counseling psychology, social welfare, developmental psychology, gender studies, family studies, nursing, gerontology, research methods, and interpersonal communication.

Dick Suinn
Lee C Lee
An Overview
Jeffrey S Tanaka et al
Research Methods
The Construct Validity of Self-Identity and its Psychological Implications

Barbara Yee, Larke Huang and Angela Lew
Life-Span Socialization in a Cultural Context

Lee C Lee and Ginny Zhan
Psychosocial Status of Children and Youths
Paul Wong and Victor Ujimoto
The Elderly
Their Stress, Coping and Mental Health

Maria Root
Harry Kitano, Diane Fujino and Jane Takahashi Sato
Interracial Marriages
Where are the Asian Americans and where are they going?

Maria Root
Multiracial Americans
Changing the Face of Asian America

David Sue, Winnie Mak and Derald Sue
Ethnic Identity
Jayjia Hsia and Samuel Peng
Academic Achievement and Performance
Frederick Leong
Career Development and Vocational Behaviours
Kathleen Young and David Takeuchi
Donna Nagata
Internment and Intergenerational Relations
Kevin Chun et al
Jean Chin
Mental Health Services and Treatment
Joyce Lum
Family Violence
Nolan Zane and Jeannie Huh-Kim
Addictive Behaviors

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ISBN: 9780761921189